The Endowment

Once again, Elder Holland finds himself face-to-face with President Oaks, this time for the Endowment ceremony. During the Endowment, he must bepresented to the Veil. As he stands before the Veil in his undergarments, an arm reaches out, cloaked in white, and pulls the boy closer. Holland is frightened. The arm’s anonymity is intimidating, and he cannot see where it comes from. What if the arms pulls him into the veil, drawing him into some unseen and unknown space. It is a scary thought. But the arm does not pull him into the veil. Instead, it caresses the boy’s body, providing a firm, but reassuring hold. It feels the boy’s cock, and once his body has been inspected, Holland is charged with stripping himself nude. He does so obediently, waiting for further instructions.

Now, he kneels in front of the veil, anxious for the next step in the ritual. A long, thick cock exposes itself, ready to be pleasured by the devoted missionary. Holland asks no questions. He simply takes the dick in his hand and strokes it until it is fully erect.
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Then, he begins to pleasure the unknown cock with his mouth, hearing gasps and moans come from beyond the veil. He wonders who he is fellating, but there is no way for him to know. He must simply suck in blind faith and hope to accomplish what has been asked of him. And as Oaks looks on, Holland finally brings the mysterious penis to climax, teasing out every last drop of cum until it has drenched his face completely, covering him in a sticky, white mess. Perhaps he will never know who is beyond the veil, but Holland will always be sure he did his duty.

Published : 09/04/16


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