Elder Holland was feeling quite vindicated after his latest encounter with Elder OaksHe roused the young boy from sleep and face-fucked him until he choked.

Then he punished the boy’s tight hole with his thick shaft and painted the boy’s body with his cum.

Weeks earlier, the two boys had been caught messing around in their room. Holland was furious to have been disciplined by President Nelson, while Elder Oaks faced no consequences at all.

Now, Elder Oaks can’t even walk straight thanks to the vigorous pounding Elder Holland gave him. Holland is more than pleased.

One morning the following week Elder Holland stands in front of the mirror in a towel, carefully combing his blond hair. Without so much as a knock the door swings open and Elder Oaks stands in front of the boy, grinning.

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“You might want to get dressed,” he snickers. “My dad wants to see you.”

Elder Holland rolls his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

Holland starts to push the door closed and Elder Oaks blocks it with his foot. “He knows.” the boy whispers. “I told my father everything.”

Elder Holland stops cold. President Oaks knows that he’s been fucking his son. Holland swallows hard.

If President Nelson spanked his ass raw, he can only imagine what President Oaks will do to his body.

He goes to the Temple as quickly as possible and heads to President Oaks’ office. The President sits at his ornately decorated desk, hands folded in front of him.

The handsome, salt-and-pepper haired man seems completely calm, which only makes Elder Holland more nervous.

“It seems, Elder Holland, that you think you are in charge here.” The President slowly rolls up one sleeve and then the other. “You think you can do what you want, to whomever you want, without consequences. But if you don’t want me to send you home by the end of this sentence, you need to learn to obey me.”

It is then that Holland notices the long, wooden paddle lying flat on the desk. President Oaks sees him surveying it and smiles. “Take off your clothes and come over here.”

Holland gulps, feeling the blood rush to his head – and cock.

“Did you hear me?” The President asks. “Do as I say.”

Holland strips off his suit and underwear and goes to the side of the President’s desk. Oaks begins to rubs his hands up and down the boy’s hard body, pinching his nipples and cupping his balls. Despite his fear, Holland feels his cock continue to harden.

“Get up on my desk,” Oaks commands.

With Holland on all fours, Oaks continues his humiliating and thorough inspection; opening Holland’s mouth and sticking his finger in until Holland gags. He holds open the boy’s cheeks and presses his thumb against his hole.

Oaks tells Holland to slide off the desk and bend over. Holland watches with apprehension as Oaks picks up the paddle.

Holland hears the paddle whip through the air. The smack against his ass is intense. A desperate moan escapes his lips. He feels another, and another. Despite the pain, he finds himself growing harder and harder.

The President is breathing hard now as he spanks the young boy. “Have you ever felt another man’s cock slide inside your ass?”

Holland shakes his head. His erect member presses against the desk.

“Well, you’re about to. And only when my desires are fully sated will I tell you whether you are worthy of remaining with us.”

Published : 08/21/16


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