The Calling

When the missionaries fool around with each other, often times they think they can do so imperviously. As long as they keep the secret, thereis no way that anyone will find out. However, the Order has eyes and ears everywhere. They are aware of what goes on in the halls of the Mission, and they are swift and harsh in their punishment when the boys step out of line. That is why strapping President Oaks, Holland’s favorite priest and the father of his closest friend at the Mission, has been called into dole out the punishment for his latest transgression – sleeping with Elder Oaks. The matter is only made more complicated by the fact that the misdeed occurred with President Oaks’s son. It makes the disciplinary action personal.

The first step towards repentance is admitting wrongdoing. Oaks forces young Holland to recognize why he has been called into this disciplinary meeting. Holland feels fear and shame well up in his body. What will this man, who has always been so kind to him in the past, do to him?
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Oaks retrieves a paddle from a drawer and beckons the boy over to his desk. He bends the boy over and takes the paddle to his ass, spanking him over and over in order to teach him that mission rules were formulated to be observed. But the punishment does not end with a hard paddling. President Oaks unsheathes his meaty cock and pokes Holland’s tight hole, teasing it before plunging inside. The boy’s butt opens up to accept the fat dick, and President Oaks enters, pumping hard to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget. And as cum shoots from the tip of the boy’s swollen penis, Oaks hopes that he will learn the errors of his ways. Only then will he be able to truly serve the Order.
Published : 08/21/16


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