Elder Holland has just watched the dashing President Oaks swallow a thick load of his cum. The boy can barely believe he is here receiving this kind of attention.

Up until recently, Elder Holland had sworn to himself that he only had sexual feelings for girls.  But as he’s moved through the initiation process, and been fucked and disciplined by the powerful men of The Order, his desires for men, despite his best efforts, have started to emerge.

He resisted these new urges as best he could, but everytime Oaks, the confident salt and pepper haired fox arranged a session at the Temple, his cock began to rise in his suit pants before he even made it to the grounds.

The first time Holland experienced President Oaks attentions, he was being disciplined by the man for fucking his young son. But during his endowment ceremony and his anointing, Oaks was no longer punishing him, but teaching him about the power and authority of the higher priesthood. And Holland couldn’t help but feel elect, even though he also felt singled out.

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Today, after being stripped of his temple shield and coated in sacred oil, Holland was pushed down on a bench and his aching erection was taken in President Oak’s experienced mouth. But now that he’s cum, it’s time for Oaks to fulfill his voracious needs.

Elder Holland kneels before the man and begins to tentatively massage the crotch of his pants.  Oaks sternly pulls his hand away and takes off his pants.

“Put your mouth on it,” He whispers.

Holland presses his lips against the crotch of Oaks’ sacred underwear. He feels his throbbing shaft through the thin cloth. In his head, Holland just wants to be left alone, but Holland’s cock is already lengthening again as he inhales Oak’s musk.

President Oaks pushes Holland away again and disrobes. He lies on the ground.  “Face away from me and take my staff inside you as far as it will go.”

Holland bites his lip and does as he’s told. He crouches down and slowly lowers himself, inch by inch onto the President’s thick rod. He feels his hole stretching open and moans in pleasure and pain.

Holland feels Oaks large hands gripping his hips, guiding him up and down. The boy works into a steady rhythm, thrusting into the President’s cock in long arching circles. The President’s thick head hits his prostate and Holland’s dick starts leaking precum in response.

“I want you to take me even deeper,” The President groans. He pulls out of Holland’s ass and tells him to lie on his stomach. He get astride the boy and smiles down slyly at him. Then, he lifts apart Holland’s legs and he slides into him.

Holland is completely filled now, and each pounding thrust from the President only makes his mounting orgasm harder to control.

Why is it that these older men make Holland feel this way? There’s not much time to think about this question, as Oak’s guttural moans, let Holland know that his hole is about to be pumped full of a white hot load.
Published : 10/05/16

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