After Elder Holland’s new companion went to sleep, the handsome young man snuck out of his bed and went downstairs. Brother Hales had invited him and his companion to stay for the evening at the home of the brethren, treating them to a dinner and conversation. By the end of the night, it was clear what Hales was really up to.

He knew of Holland’s recent induction into the Order and was eager to try the boy out for himself. Unsanctioned sex between men of the Order is commonplace, but the two were anxious to not wake up anyone if possible. Once his companion was fast asleep, Holland and Hales snuck downstairs.

Clad only in their garments, the two quietly connected in front of the fireplace, carefully making sure not to make a much noise that would attract unwanted attention. Finally, they were alone.

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Without saying a word to each other, their cautious eyes met, sparking a desire between them that seemed to match the flames of the fire. They leaned in to kiss one another, running their hands over their soft, exposed skin.

It had been so long since either of them experienced sex with another man outside of the prescribed structure of the Order. It was exciting to shed themselves of their ritualized fucking and just be two horny guys in their underwear.

Brother Hales could hardly ignore the massive erection in Holland’s garments. The young man was one of the few he’d encountered who was possibly more endowed than himself. He took a hand to the boy’s crotch, stroking and squeezing his thick meat, feeling the heat pulse from his loins.

Elder Holland leaned back on the ottoman behind them. The shiny, black leather furniture provided just enough space for him to pull down his garments and lay back fully, providing Hales the opportunity to really work his cock. Holland watched as the older man leaned in to lick and taste the head, impressed with his capacity to fit his girthy member in his mouth.

Hales took the boy as far back as he could, feeling the boy’s large dick fill his throat. He moved up and down on it, massaging it with his tongue. All evening he’d imagined what he’d feel like, and now in the late night hours he let his mouth and hands explore.

As his dick got harder and Hales’ throat widened to take more, Holland arched his back and gently thrust his hips into the man’s mouth, enjoying the near-fucking feel as he was uniquely able to move his cock freely inside him. Holland could always find someone to suck his dick, but very few had the skill and talent to do as Hales could.

Elder Holland felt his balls begin to tighten in his body, signaling that he was going to need to do more than just lie back and relax. That primal, animal urge inside to breed was calling and he knew he couldn’t ignore it… even if he had to be quiet.

Whispering, still mindful of his sleeping companion, the horny blonde broke the silence to say, “I want to fuck you.”

Brother Hales looked nervous, eyeing the top of the stairs and listening for any signs of movement. When it seemed all was clear, he nodded with both excitement and determination, knowing that as hot as it was, they still needed to proceed in silence.

Elder Holland stood up, standing close to the fire and helping Brother Hales to his feet. Even without the burning embers near them, they would have been hot and sweaty simply from their own secret desires.

The two undressed completely, cooling their bodies slightly as they got into position. Brother Hales got on his back on the ottoman, lifting his toned, athletic legs high in the air to expose his hole to his young guest. Elder Holland looked on and saw the beautiful hole that he presented.

Despite the clandestine nature of the meeting and the ticking clock they both imagined was running down to their inevitable discovery, Elder Holland could not resist the opportunity to taste the man’s perfect ass.

Lifting his pelvis high in the air, Elder Holland dipped his mouth and tongue deep into the tasty, tight center of Brother Hales’ backside. Hales leaned back, practically upside down, as he watched the handsome young man feast on his round, muscular butt.

His sphincter relaxed and embraced Holland’s masterful tongue work, warming him up for the giant cock the sexy boy was readying for penetration. Hales had to bite his lip to keep from moaning out loud as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over him. Still, as much as he wanted to cry out, the sneaky and secretive nature of it all only made it even hotter.

When Hales’ hole was properly wetted, Holland leaned him back down on his back, allowing him to rest on the ottoman as his ass came to the edge.

With just enough spit on his hole to provide some lube, Elder Holland took a hand to his massive cock and pressed it gently but firmly against Hales’ anal ring. With a deep, quiet breath, Hales felt his hole practically open to receive it.

Elder Holland saw his host’s eyes go wide as he held his breath and allowed the fullness of his member to slide inside him. Hales felt the impossibly large cock not only work its way deep, but it spread his inside apart in a way he’d not felt in some time…

Published : 04/02/17

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