After being disciplined by The Brethren, Elder Holland is furious at his companion Elder Oaks. And he’s going to take it all out on his mission companion’s tender hole.

Elder Holland has never been a cautious boy. If he sees something he wants, he takes it. This included the wiry body of his innocent companion, Elder Oaks.

After he caught Elder Oaks spying on him while he jerked off, Holland took the opportunity to test out the brunette’s oral skills.

He pushed Elder Oaks to his knees and thrust his throbbing shaft at the boy’s plump red lips. For someone who had never sucked dick before, Elder Oaks sure seemed to know what he was doing.

Unfortunately, after secretly fooling around for a few weeks, the two boys were discovered by President Nelson.

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Elder Holland was immediately summoned to the Temple for disciplinary action. He was told he could avoid excommunication and being sent home dishonorably if he would chose corporal punishment.

He agreed and had his ass spanked raw by a very sexy priesthood leader.

As he lay across Nelson’s lap, he could feel the man’s full ten inches, pressing against his stomach.

But Elder Oaks, the prized only son of President Oaks escaped punishment and got a break from the standard tedium of missionary work to see his father.

Elder Holland doesn’t know about all the kinky father son time the two got up to, but he knows that Oaks always has it easy and that the daddy’s boy deserves to pay.

Holland waits until long after everyone has gone to bed and in the pitch black night, creeps over to Elder Oak’s bed. He strips the covers off the sleeping boy who is, as luck would have it, laying on his stomach, his tight ass up in the air.

Holland’s cock was already hard but now ached as he feels a surge of desire. He straddles the boy, and slowly peels back the elastic of Oak’s sacred underwear, pulling it down to his thighs. Just then, Oaks stirs awake and reaches for the light.

“What’s going on?” he says with alarm. Oaks realizes he can’t move as his companion begins to part his cheeks with his fingers.

“Shut up,” Holland says, relishing in the power he feels watching the boy squirm beneath him.

His cock is hard as a rock and leaking precum all over the boy’s struggling ass. “If you like dick so much, let’s see how much you love taking mine.”

Holland pushes his extremely thick shaft deep inside the boy, all 9 inches to the hilt. Elder Oaks is helpless to do much but moan.

Elder Holland rides Oaks mercilessly, his balls slapping against the boy’s thighs as he slams down on him.

He feels every inch disappearing into Oak’s hole, holds the boy’s arms and covers his mouth.

When he get’s tired of the boy’s ass, he spins him around and fucks his mouth, holding Oak’s head down until he chokes.

Holland’s balls are aching for release but he holds off on busting in Oak’s throat for as long as he can.
Published : 08/10/16

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