Disciplinary Action

President Nelson knew that Elder Holland was trouble from day one. His devil may care attitude and his penchant for playing pranks on theother boys gave him away immediately. But that he was able to seduce Elder Oaks astounds Nelson. Perhaps he has underestimated just how much trouble Holland is. But he will not make the same mistake again. The change starts now, with a strong show of force. He calls Holland in for a private disciplinary session.

As Holland enters the dark room, Nelson sits in a velvet red throne waiting. Holland does not bother uttering a word. He knows he has been caught in a forbidden act, and with one of the most prized boys in the Mission. There is nothing he can do to explain himself. All there is to do is admit that he has broken the rules and accept his punishment. Maybe then he will be absolved and allowed to continue his mission and his journey towards the Order. It is a long shot, but it is his only hope.
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As he approaches President Nelson, Holland hangs his head in shame. He is ready to obey every command and do whatever it takes to get back in the good graces of the men of the Order. Nelson shows no emotion as he takes the boys cock in his hands, showing him that he possesses ultimate authority over his mind and body. Then, he bends the boy over and brings a wood paddle to his ass, spanking him until his cheeks are raw and red. Finally, the boy is made to lay on his back with his butt in the air. He is then instructed to jerk his dick until he showers himself in his own cum. Perhaps there will be absolution, but in this case, it can only occur by his own hand.
Published : 07/13/16


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