Inspection Part 1

As Bishop Angus aggressively fucks Elder Hardt’s tight asshole in the second half of the Inspection, Hardt’s toes curl up in pleasure.The orgasmic euphoria is so great that he almost feels that he is going to leave his body. It starts to frighten him. What if he leaves his body and is unable to come back. Perhaps this is what the men of The Order had planned all along – some sort of spiritual detachment so that his body would become a shell of service. Nevertheless, if this is the case, Hardt thinks, he is willing to make the sacrifice. For Bishop Angus and Patriarch Smith, Hardt would do anything.

Just as he is sure he is about to ascend to some other plane, Angus takes his cock out of the boy’s tight rim and flips him on his back. Hardt is relieved. He finally has a moment to catch his breath and collect himself. Now, he must keep his wits about him so that he can prove what a skilled servant he is. It is not just about getting blindly fucked. It is about making sure every one of Bishop Angus’s needs is met – and this is Hardt’s specialty.
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He moans as Angus continues to work inside his sweet hole. He looks up at the man and can tell Angus derives intense pleasure from overpowering the boy and demonstrating his own power, and Hardt is more than happy to offer his body as a place to perform. He is impressed with Angus’s power and lets it show all over his face, pleasing Angus to no end. He longs to feel Angus’s seed inside his asshole, and the priest manifests the boy’s fantasy by pumping his asshole full of hot cum.
Published : 01/15/14


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