After Elder Hardt and Harward get caught in the aftermath of their fooling around with each other, Patriarch Smith assures themthey are not in trouble. They were ready to have a private lesson with another young missionary boy, but now instead of having one missionary to teach, they have three. They instruct the boys to take off their clothes and stand at attention. Smith is impressed with their tight bodies, and he helps the last missionary boy undress. Bishop Angus ushers the two boys over to the side of the room where he begins to stick his fingers in the orifices of Elder Harward.

As he braces himself for the penetration to come, Harward’s face contorts in pleasure. Angus sticks his fingers in and out of the boy’s puckering assholre, reaching around his body to jerk his cock simultaneously. Harward would like to remain the strong silent type, keeping the intense pleasure he is experiencing a secret to everyone but himself. But he cannot help but let out little gasps as Angus plays with his body and Hardt gets on his knees to suck his throbbing cock.
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Finally, the orgy fully commences as Bishop Angus takes one of the missionary boys onto the desk and begins to pound his tight butthole. Next to them, Smith has stuck his cock inside another one of the boys and pumps hard. The missionary boys don’t know how to react, as none of them forsaw this sexual feast, but as it progresses, they all feel themselves dipping into their most animalistic fantasies. They devolve slowly as their cocks become more and more tender to the touch. By the end, cum is flying as they reach orgasm one after the other. These boys didn’t expect a lesson today, but they certainly got one.

Published : 04/30/14


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