The Calling

At this point in his Mission, Elder Hansen is almost sure that word of his sexual misbehavior with the other boys has gottenaround to the religious men surrounding him. So when Bishop Doves calls him in for a private meeting, he anticipates an unrelenting inquisition into his unsavory activities. Bishop Doves senses Elder Hansen’s readiness to submit to his demands and is eager to test the young man’s limits. How far will this boy go? Even Bishop Doves is unsure of his intentions, but looking at the tall, skinny figure of the anxious boy in front of him makes his loins stir.

He immediately orders the boy to remove his clothes, and without a word of resistance, Elder Hansen complies. He removes his modest uniform, pressed white shirt and long black slacks, and moves to within arm’s reach of the older man. Bishop Doves watches as the kid’s clothes fall to the ground around him, hardly able to contain the excitement he feels. He imagines how the young man’s cock will look and feel when he holds it in his hands. Doves wonders if the boy has harbored any secret desires towards him.
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Elder Hansen, while still a bit nervous, has become much more accustomed to this kind of treatment from the religious men who head the Mission. He braces his body for the warmth of the strong man’s touch and finds himself relieved as he feels firm fingers wrapping around his torso and reaching down to his young cock. He keeps still until Bishop Doves commands him to move, climbing up on the desk and opening his mouth for the stern man to stick his fingers inside. His back arches while Bishop Doves pulls his underwear down, exposing his young hole and glistening dick.

Spit drips from the lips of the rabid Bishop as he lubricates the boy’s puckering hole and rubs it gently with his thumb. The kid’s eyes close as he gives up control and allows the dominant touch of the religious man to travel where it may. He exhales in pleasure as he feels his asshole penetrated by the man’s fingers, beginning to crave more.

Kneeling down, the emboldened boy licks and slobbers on the muscular man’s hard cock. He makes eye contact as he slides his mouth up and down his thick shaft, savoring every inch. Then, he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks for the strong man to enter him. Bishop Doves proceeds to plow the young man’s asshole, finding the erotic barebacking every bit as exciting as he could have imagined. Elder Hansen moans as the Bishop jerks the boy’s cock to climax. He gasps as his own cum covers his stomach, and then opens his mouth once again to let the older man’s fingers play with his tongue. Perhaps this is how his relationship with his religious mentors will continue to develop. And more and more, Elder Hansen is beginning to believe he can handle it.
Published : 12/13/18


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