Elder Gonzalez is a junior companion.

As a new member of the Priesthood, Elder Pratt was free to once again preach and teach with other Missionaries. But the careless Pratt got into trouble again. This time it was for more than just looking at pornography, this time he was caught having sex with his junior companion, Elder Gonzalez, who was fresh from the Missionary Training Center.

Pratt was disciplined for his actions, but now it was time for Patriarch Smith to do an evaluation on Elder Gonzalez as a possible candidate for the Priesthood himself.

After being flown to the Mission home, Gonzalez caught on quickly to how things operate.

As soon as he was undressed, played with, and had his goods tasted by the Patriarch, the new recruit did not hesitate in giving a show of his own; exposing his muscled chest and arms, pinching his own nipples, groping his balls, and sliding his oiled palm up and down the long shaft of his hard cock.

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In fact, he put on such a performance of pleasing himself that Smith decided to use the Patriarchal grip on his own cock and join in.

His final climax made quite a mess of things. Not wanting his offering to go to waste, Patriarch Smith used it to anoint the new Missionary.

It looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Elder Gonzalez.
Published : 09/10/13


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