Elder Kimball had gotten so used to fooling around with his companion, he’d come to see that as a regular part of his day. He loved getting his hole eaten and getting fucked. The day-to-day of his mission was so much more fun when the two could take out their cocks and cum.

That all stopped, however, when he was put on splits with Elder Gardner. Kimball had gone through a lot during his induction into the Order. Frankly, he didn’t love the idea of having to be tied to a greenie. He had no idea that Elder Gardner had been fucked and used by President Oaks. And as such, he felt trapped back in a world of missionaries unaware of the secrets of the fraternal priesthood order.

Missionary work can be hard and tedious. It’s challenging for many, but even more so without the regular intervals of male bonding that Kimball had enjoyed. It was hard for him to feel motivated while his regular companion was away, making the pair fall behind in their responsibilities.

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Elder Gardner was concerned, of course. Even as a new missionary, he knew that there would be consequences for them not doing all that they were supposed to. He wanted to get Kimball to do more, but his mind was similarly distracted by sex.

Kimball was handsome, beefy, and muscular, possessing the features of a wrestler. Gardener wanted to be liked by his greenie trainer… and maybe even be closer to Kimball physically. He didn’t want to do anything to make his companion dislike him, so he let things slide that he knew he shouldn’t.

Kimball made excuse after excuse as to why they weren’t going out, and before they knew it, three days had passed without them doing any concrete missionary work!

But the two boys spent a lot of time talking. And they talked a lot about sex. And sexual tension was building.

On the fourth day in the morning while the boys were lying in bed (way past when they should have been up and ready), a knock came at their door. They two looked at each other, nervous about who would be on the other side.

Just then, Brother Hales opened the door. The handsome, older man stepped in, fully dressed in his crisp, white shirt, pressed slacks, shiny shoes, and tie. The boys, however, were still in their garments.

“Boys!” Hale barked at them, making them jump up from their sheets. “You’re still in bed? Get up!”

Hale spoke with the urgency and authority of a drill instructor. The two boys quickly leapt up and stood side by side, presenting themselves as best they could. Given what little they had to work with, they decided to stand straight, arms at their sides, showing their attentiveness and obedience.

Brother Hale looked at the young boys, laughing inside to himself about the situation. He knew Elder Kimball well, having spent much time in and out of his hole. The muscle bound bottom looked at him with a somewhat knowing glance, acknowledging their secret history.

Elder Gardner, however, had never been stripped down before him, and he was seeing the effect of his first impression.

Elder Gardner was so hungry for cock that the very presence of another handsome, older man in his bedroom was enough to set off his erection. He tried to hide it by putting his hands in front of it, but his erotic imagination had already done enough.

Brother Hale moved to Elder Gardner and looked at him up and down. He knew that President Oaks had sampled his hole, and he couldn’t resist the chance to try him out for himself.

“If you’re going to stay home,” Hale said, reaching out and grabbing the greenie’s cock, “then I’m going to have some fun with you.”

He brought both boys to their knees, side by side. They knelt down with the same discipline and obedience that they displayed standing. Elder Gardner was stunned by what was happening, wondering if he’d overslept and this was a dream.

His answer came when Brother Hale unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive cock. It was long and girthy and hung from his hips like a sausage. His eyes widened as he studied every impressive inch of him, almost as if he was going to be quizzed on how the veins in his shaft moved from top to bottom. His mouth watered and he knew this was real, and he wanted nothing more.

“You boys have a job to do. Now get to it.”

With that, the two horny missionaries bent forward to take the cock into their mouths. They couldn’t decide who should go first, so instead they pressed their mouths against the shaft, flanking it on both sides.

Elder Gardner could taste it as he swallowed his excess saliva down his throat. It was absolutely perfect. Still wanting to make nice with his split companion, he moved his head back, giving Elder Kimball the right of way. He watched as his beautiful partner expertly downed the older man’s cock, seeing it push at the back of his throat and expand his thick, muscular neck.

Kimball’s hands cradled Hales heavy, egg-sized balls, tugging on them gently as he worshipped the massive member. As he dutifully serviced him, Brother Hale slowly began removing his shirt and tie. His hips moved back and forth slightly, giving his giant cock even more power on the boy’s mouth. Meanwhile, Elder Gardner watched in awe as the older man’s perfectly smooth, tan, chiseled torso became revealed.

He looked like he was cut out of marble. His chest glistened with a light dewey perspiration as he received his blowjob. Gardner could have stared up at him all day, but the time came for him to perform.

Kimball took the cock out of his mouth and gave it to his companion. It was heavy than he realized once he had the whole weight of it resting on his lips. He opened to take him into his mouth, causing him to slightly gag on it as it made its way further back. A tear formed in his eye and fell down his face, but he never took the monster cock out.

Softly under his breath, Hales said, “This is what happens when you skip out on work…”

Published : 12/27/17


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