Following Esplin’s hot encounter with President Oaks, he still had a number of questions and uncertainties about his place 

in the church. Especially now that the salt and pepper president revealed to him the purpose of their meeting.

President Oaks informed Elder Esplin that he was in fact a member of the secret Order. He had been tasked to take stock of the young man and determine if he was worthy of entry into the priesthood. Aware of his doubts, they wanted to test of his loyalty, faith, and obedience.

Elder Esplin had only heard of the secret fraternal brotherhood by way of his companion, Elder Dobrovnik. He did not know who else was in it or how far the ranks of the membership went. He was intrigued and thought about this new information constantly.

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He was only distracted from his obsession with the secret priesthood order when thinking about his frustrations with his mission president, President Ballard.

Esplin had tried to hide his growing skepticism, but Ballard took notice of the slightest changes in behavior. When he saw an opening in Elder Esplin’s defenses, he told the young elder to meet him later at the mission home.

At the mission home, Elder Esplin was directed by one of the APs into the home’s library and given additional information about the induction process. He had questions, but instead of getting answers he was ushered into President Ballard’s office and told to sit and wait.

President Ballard didn’t look up or acknowledge the boy when he entered the office, so Elder Esplin stayed quiet, waiting patiently as instructed, but deep down he was anxious to see what his mission president would do with him. For quite a while, the older man seemed to completely ignore that he was there. When was he going to get on with it?

Then, without so much as a greeting or acknowledgment, his mission president put away his work and ordered Elder Esplin to stand and undress.

Elder Esplin wasn’t sure why he needed to take off his clothes, but felt compelled to obey his mission president. But when his mission president ordered him close and placed his big, strong hands on his crotch, his mind went to pieces and rational thought stopped.

Barely even making eye contact with him, President Ballard told Esplin to undress completely and to get on all fours up on his desk. The anxiety Elder Esplin felt quickly became excitement. Something about the way President Ballard ordered him around and took complete control of his actions made him lust for his mission president. His frustration became desire as he began to see this man in a new, sexier light.

As he stayed in his position, face forward and ass in the air, he was surprised at how good Ballard’s  manly hands felt moving across his body. The way he grazed his back, caressed his butt, cradled and squeezed his balls made him feel completely vulnerable and exposed, but also awakened his flesh in an intoxicating way.

He wanted this man in a way that he wouldn’t have predicted before this meeting.

Elder Esplin leaped off the desk the instant President Ballard ordered him down on his knees. He knew the sexy daddy was going to give him his big fat cock and he could not wait to feel it in his mouth. As President Ballard unzipped his pants and exposed his member, Elder Esplin could not believe just how thick this man’s cock was!

Elder Esplin got down on it as far as he could, trying to open his mouth wide enough to fit it all in. He felt his jaw muscles ache as he pushed pushed himself onto his mentor’s cock. His efforts must have been appreciated, as President Ballard let out the first sign of satisfaction.

President Ballard removed his all of his clothing, revealing his big biceps, full chest, and strong legs to his cock hungry submissive. Elder Esplin was surprised to find a sexy muscle daddy standing before him.

Feeling the boy struggling on his cock, soaking it in saliva, President Ballard brought Elder Esplin back around to the desk and bent him over the edge. Dripping a mixture of spit and pre-cum, the powerful leader gently pushed his girthy cock into the tight hole of the young missionary.

Elder Esplin felt himself being opened wide, experiencing a pain and a pleasure he’d never known together. This man was truly testing the limits of his body, nearly splitting him in two with each slow thrust.

President Ballard could feel the boy’s insides gripping onto his cock, barely able to take him completely. He slowly pressed himself deeper in, careful not to go to fast, warming up Elder Esplin’s tight hole for a real pounding…
Published : 12/11/16

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