Elder Esplin could still taste Elder Dobrovnik on his lips as he sat quietly in the ward mission leader’s home. His companion was off to meet with President Oaks and he was left obsessing over the events of the previous night.

Yesterday, Elder Esplin had been ready to pack his bags and abandon his mission before Elder Dobrovnik revealed to him the truth of the higher priesthood—that sex was not just important but that it was powerful to the Priesthood. And that in doing so with each other, not only would they be coming closer together as companions, but they’d be preparing themselves for a secret brotherhood.

Elder Esplin hadn’t thought about having sex with men before, but in a way it made a strange kind of sense to him. Even though he liked girls, he knew boys are the ones who always want sex.

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Having spent countless nights looking for answers, Elder Dobrovnik gave him the first signs that maybe his mission and his presence weren’t a waste of time after all.

He’d never kissed a boy, let alone fucked a boy, but he couldn’t help but get lost in the warm, tight ass of his tall companion. Elder Dobrovnik’s strong legs had wrapped tightly around him as he experienced the new, amazing sensation of his cock inside another man. He’d done everything he could to keep the sensation going before he could no longer hold in the pressure of his load aching to be released.

As the two recovered from their orgasms, lying side by side and touching each other’s bodies, they’d shared their past experiences with each other—intimate details of their exploits before their missions. Feeling very close with his companion, Elder Esplin had even revealed to Dobrovnik certain fantasies he’d had. He’d shared that he loves having his ass rimmed, having it only done once. Seeing Dobrovnik respond positively to this, he also revealed a bigger secret. He’d heard of people having sex while being tied up and blindfolded, not able to move or see. He‘d explained that he didn’t know why but that it was something he’d always wanted to experience. Dobrovnik smiled and knew that he had to tell President Oaks.

A few days after Elder Esplin’s passionate night, he got summoned to the Temple. He was nervous, but his companion assured him that everything would be fine if he were completely obedient. He was also excited about the knowledge that Elder Dobrovnik had shared with him.

He was lead in by two temple ordinance officiants and told to undress down to his sacred garments. He did as he was told, feeling his heart begin to race. The beat intensified as he was instructed to remain still while his hands were tied behind his back and his eyes were covered with a blindfold. He began to sweat as he was slowly walked into another room, disoriented by his inability to see where he was. He was placed into a kneeling position and told to wait patiently.

Elder Esplin knelt there for a good while, unable to move or see. He knew this was some sort of test and he wanted desperately to pass. Just then, he heard the footsteps of someone entering the room. He couldn’t make anything out about this individual, only that he seemed to move slowly and deliberately around him, carefully inspecting and caressing his tied up and vulnerable body. Strong, firm hands moved under the boy’s undergarments, which could now barely contain his growing erection.

As his breath was becoming deeper and faster, he was gently bent over, resting his head down on the ottoman with his ass high in the air. His undergarments were pulled down, revealing his soft, smooth behind. Then, out of nowhere, he felt his body tense up as the stranger’s hand slapped fast and hard into his bare, exposed buttocks. Repeatedly, his muscles tensed and his heart raced as his ass was assaulted by the firm palms of this nameless and faceless figure.

Soon, he felt the warm, soothing trickle of oil creep down the crevasse of his backside, relaxing his ass and his body. He squirmed a little as this excited him from the inside out. He stopped as he felt the stranger’s fingertip firmly placed at the threshold of his pink boy-hole. With each breath, he could feel the micro-movements of his body begin to relax on the end of his finger.

“Take my finger in,” the man said, his voice powerful and strong, yet familiar. As Elder Esplin realized that it was President Oaks speaking, his knees gave slightly and he body fell back onto the leader’s finger, slowly wrapping around up to the first knuckle. He let out a breath and his heart beat heavily against the walls of his chest, feeling incredible excitement by being exposed and taken in this way. His ass took more of the finger inside, clenching around it and shifting back and forth.

To his dismay, the finger retracted and seemed to slip from his senses. Was that it? Was it over? Just then, he heard the unbuckling of President Oaks’ belt and the clinking sound of the buckle as it hit the floor. He breathed deeply as he realized that that was just the beginning…
Published : 11/27/16

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