Walking into the white room, Elder Esplin seemed almost listless with regard to his part in the ceremony before him.He still hadn’t changed his attitude about the church or his mission, and ultimately he didn’t see the point of anything that was being asked of him.

He enjoyed the hot sex and the attention his cock and ass received from his priesthood leaders, but didn’t see anything past just an excuse to get laid.

Wearing nothing but a temple shield over his naked body, he stood ready to be anointed by President Oaks. He went through the motions and did as he was told. If he had to go through with another ceremony, he was at least happy that it was being done by someone as handsome as President Oaks.

In the bright room, President Oaks had a different energy than the last time they’d been together.

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His voice and his touch felt softer and lighter. Even his eyes reflected a nurturing gaze back at him. He anointed Elder Esplin’s head, ears, eyes, nose, lips–touching upon every small detail of his body, returning to a bottle of consecrated oil in between each feature.

It wasn’t unusual for older missionary men to touch the naked bodies of younger boys during temple rituals. And the effect of these rituals is often excitement and arousal. Elder Esplin couldn’t deny the secret pleasure he was getting from the slow and decisive touches from the sexy President Oaks.

These small, caressing touches made Esplin unusually placid, almost giving him an out of body feeling. Each press sent a calming sensation throughout, smoothing away his previous tensions and frustrations.

Following the anointing of his back and spine, President Oaks came to Esplin from behind, moving away the front section of his shield to stroke his chest. This positioning and touch awakened Elder Esplin from his subdued state as he recalled the way in which the salt and pepper daddy had fucked him previously.

His arousal was no longer a secret as President Oaks could easily see his hard cock revealed by the displaced ceremonial garb. He leaned in to kiss the boy, taking hold of his cock and briefly teasing the head and shaft before continuing to anoint of the rest of his torso.

Elder Esplin ached for him to touch him more, longer, and all over. It was a strange sexual torture to only feel the man’s hand on him little by little.

President Oaks removed his shield, kissing him once again before seating him on the nearby stool. Kneeling before him, he continued to anoint his legs and loins. Seeing Elder Esplin fully erect, the older man couldn’t resist sucking on the throbbing, leaking member of the young  man before him.

Elder Esplin looked down at his priesthood leader, passionately and lovingly servicing his cock. It was a pleasant change from his usual encounters with the men of the Order, typically requiring of him some form of physical struggle in order to show his willingness to serve. For now, it seemed he could truly relax and just enjoy the intimacy between him and the president.

Oaks stood up and led Esplin off the bench, taking his place on the stool. He instructed Esplin to sit down on the floor where he had been, only instead he asked that he raise his legs up to his, resting his back on the ground, looking up. In doing so, President Oaks had a comfortable position with which he could hold Esplin’s ass and cock right in his lap.

He stroked the boy’s cock as he oiled and anointed his exposed hole, which in that position was on perfect display. For President Oaks, there was nothing more beautiful than the view he was given, being able to stare directly at the pink hole and blue eyes of his young initiate.

He slowly worked the boy’s ass, lingering his finger on his sphincter as it slowly relaxed and accepted him. He patiently and delicately pressed his finger in, watching Esplin’s body take him deeper and deeper. Once he managed to get the entirety of a finger past the ring of the young boy’s ass, he instructed him to bend over the bench and to present his ass for further preparation.

Elder Esplin obliged, eager now to see what more President Oaks would do with him. Seeing Esplin’s beautiful ass up and open for him was almost too much for the handsome man to handle. Taking in a deep breath, President Oaks was compelled to bring himself in and slowly and passionately kiss his warm hole.

He pressed Esplin’s round cheeks apart, giving himself room to fit his mouth, bringing his lips to the boy’s soft, smooth, puckering backside, sensually licking and kissing him from behind. The sweet boy tasted like honey, President Oaks thought to himself, devouring him slowly. Elder Esplin, too, was enjoying the moment, doing all that he could to not tremble and melt away on the president’s tongue.

Elder Esplin’s eyes rolled back into his head with every lick to his hole. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed this sensation. It seemed to unravel him, as if the older man was undoing a knot within him with just his tongue.

In an almost Herculean test of will, President Oaks pulled himself away from the meal he was having with Esplin’s hole. He stood up, licking his lips as he began to remove his clothes.

He couldn’t take his eyes off Esplin’s body, enticed by the arch of his back and the perfect curve of his ass. He kneeled down behind him, pumping out a few more squirts of the consecrated oil, and rubbed up and down his savory hole. He couldn’t resist his desire to fuck the sweet young man any longer.

With a soft, gentle push, he pressed his cock on the boy’s silky hole and watched as it slipped inside the young boy. Esplin’s ass practically swallowed him in one move, eager to have the handsome man inside him again…

Published : 01/11/17

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