The demanding and sexually insatiable men of The Order have kept Elder Ence very busy. Most recently, his tight little ass was fucked raw by President Oaks at the Temple Veil.

Elder Ence still has rug burns on his back from the merciless pounding the dashing, powerful daddy gave him.

To his surprise, Elder Ence has started to crave the discipline of his journey. He always thought he was untameable. But after servicing President Oaks, President Nelson and the well-hung man of the priesthood at the temple veil, the former bad boy is changing his mind.

President Oaks summons Elder Ence to the Temple and, this time, the boy arrives right on time. He dons the temple shield. The thin material brushes against his nipples and the memory of all the filthy things he’s done makes him instantly hard.

He enters an initiatory chamber, filled with pure white light.

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The President is seated and waiting for him in his finely pressed suit. He motions for the boy to approach.

President Oaks stands; his lean, powerful body towering over Elder Ence’s and begins the ceremony of washing and anointing of the boy’s body.

“Having authority,” President Oaks’ voice booms, “I will anoint you.”

President Oaks dispenses sacred oil onto his fingertips and begins to dot Ence’s face and body with it. He lingers on Ence’s full lips, and pinches the boy’s nipples. Ence’s whole body tightens with desire. The teasing is delicious but he aches to feel the man’s hands, lower down.

“Your loins,” The President whispers, wrapping his warm fingers around Ence’s throbbing shaft.

Ence watches the President drop to his knees. He takes the boy’s pulsing member in his mouth, expertly teasing the head with his tongue. His fingers tickle Ence’s balls, making the boy moan and writhe with pleasure.

“I want more of you,” The President growls and commands Ence to drop to his hands and knees.

Ence arches his back, eager to be filled with anything Oaks deems fit for his tight hole. The President spits on the boy’s asshole and produces a bulbous glass instrument. Ence has never seen anything like it before.

Oaks presses it into Ence’s rosebud, and after some pushing, it slides all the way to the hilt. The instrument is harder than any cock that Ence has taken. His pain mixes with pleasure as the glass shaft goes deep.

The rounded edge hits his prostate again and again and the feeling makes his balls swell with cum.

“President,” He groans. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Too quickly, President Oaks extracts the instrument and orders the boy onto a bench. He now sucks the boy in earnest, jerking his shaft as he seals his lips around the head of the young man’s cock. Elder Ence will hold out for as long as possible, but he can’t wait to shoot his load deep into the President’s eager mouth.
Published : 08/17/16

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