The Sealing

Choosing an Eternal Mate is a serious step in any young man’s Mission. Elder Ence realizes the gravity of the moment whenPresident Lewis reminds him of the importance in the sacred bond. The boy looks across the room at his chosen mate, Bishop Manwaring, and thinks that he has made the right choice. The older man has paid special attention to him throughout the entire Mission, and seems to have a real interest in the boy’s journey to salvation.

When it finally comes to the moment that the Eternal Mates must disrobe and expose each other’s nakedness as in the Garden of Eden, Elder Ence is elated. He feels butterflies coming up in his stomach like they did the first day of his Mission. It has been such a long road, and he has faced many surprises along the way. He wonders if Bishop Manwaring’s maturity and experience will offer him an anchor as he moves forward in the Higher Priesthood.

Meanwhile, Bishop Manwaring feels compassion for the boy.
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He remembers what it was like to be unsure of his faith, how it felt to stand in a room with men who intimated him. And seeing the look of fear on Elder Ence’s face creates a paternal compassion within him – one that creates a drive to protect the young man on his journey to salvation.
They move towards the center of the room under the watchful eye of President Lewis, and take the garments off their bodies. The two men stare at each other’s vessels, reveling in the holy light of the Order. They shake hands, realizing their union, while internally vowing to consummate the ritual to the best of their abilities.

As their dicks rise, so do the men. They take their places on the ceremonial table to indulge in each other’s physical beings. Bishop Manwaring climbs on top of young Elder Ence, sliding his throbbing dick into his mouth. The two men pleasure each other as their souls become one for the first time.

Elder Ence’s body trembles erotically as his new Mate runs his tongue up and down his long shaft. He feels his hole open as the stress from the ritual slowly dissipates, fully understanding that his mate will always be there to calm his nerves and serve his body. Bishop Manwaring is now charged with making sure the boy has every carnal need met, and Elder Ence finds comfort knowing he has someone to lean on.

The boy throws his head back as Bishop Manwaring enters his asshole, feeling the newfound pleasure wash over him. He cannot believe he has lived so long without his Eternal Mate. As the older man strokes away inside of him, Elder Ence realizes that he must let himself go completely. As the boy submits, Bishop Manwaring finds himself overcome with the ecstasy of their union. He spurts his semen into Elder Ence’s eager mouth, and the consummation is complete. The two men have much to learn about each other, but it seems their connection is only growing stronger.
Published : 12/07/18


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