Bad boy Elder Ence has already tasted Elder Sorensen’s cock and asshole, but before he can fill the boy with his cock, Sorensen wants to gauge how Ence might react to information about The Order.

Elder Ence is almost ready to shoot his load after sticking his tongue inside Elder Sorensen’s tight boy hole. He prepares to fill Elder Sorensen with his cock, but the hot boy turns and stops him.

“There’s something you need to know,” Sorensen says.

Elder Ence doesn’t want to waste time with small talk, he just wants to get his dick wet.

“How bad do you want to fuck my ass?” Sorensen whispers.

“So bad,”

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“And what would you say if I told you that there was a place where you could fill the hole of every hot young missionary boy you see? You would have complete power over them and they would have to obey you?”

Elder Ence’s cock throbs painfully. This is all he’s ever wanted. He nods, hungrily.

Sorensen begins to laugh. “Well, Ence, if you find a place like that, let me know about it!”

Elder Sorensen won’t tell Elder Ence anything about The Order until after the two have sex, but he can’t resist teasing the bad boy.

Ence laughs and pushes Sorensen back onto his stomach. “You’re going to pay for that.”

Elder Ence thrusts his cock all the way inside Sorensen’s tight hole. Sorensen moans with delight. He loves the feeling of a big cock as it stretches him wide. And Ence knows just how to use his fat member. He fills Elder Sorensen with his stiff rod, pushing harder and harder with each thrust.

Sorensen loves picturing what it will be like for this wild young boy to be brought to heel by powerful daddies like President Oaks and President Nelson.

Elder Ence pulls out and flips Elder Sorensen onto his back and pounds him from the front. Sorensen watches Ence’s full lips open as he groans and tells him he’s close.

Elder Sorensen can’t wait to tell Ence about the sacred priesthood order, and the peculiar practices of the secret sex cult. Ence is a natural. Sorensen opens his legs wider and waits to be filled and drenched with the handsome troublemaker’s hot cum.

Published : 06/22/16

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