Gorgeous, bad boy Elder Ence has never played by anyone’s rules, but President Nelson and his massive cock is about to change that.

After learning about The Order, an organization within the church that allows powerful men to fuck innocent young boys and teach them the ways of the true priesthood, Elder Ence was asked to come to the Temple to meet with President Nelson and begin his initiation.

In his typical fashion, Ence was late. He’s always been a troublemaker, and rules are way less interesting to him than having fun.

But when Ence finally saw President Nelson, the imposing, brawny leader, he realized he might have met his match.

President Nelson’s cock is gigantic. Larger than anything Ence could have imagined. And the President knows how to use it to get what he wants. He didn’t take it easy on the boy, pushing Ence down on his swollen member until his thick wet head hit the back of Ence’s throat.

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Ence was shocked, but that shock quickly turned to desire. No man has ever made him obey, and it thrilled him to feel like he was suddenly under the muscle daddy’s control.

But that was nothing. Now, that President Nelson’s mouth has milked every last drop of cum from Elder Ence’s dick, he has a much bigger test for Ence.

He commands him to turn around and bend over the desk. Elder Ence closes his eyes and moans as he feels President Nelson’ tongue slide between his cheeks and press against his hole.

The insistent thrusts of the President’s tongue makes Ence’s dick immediately lengthen. His erection throbs painfully against the hard wooden surface of the desk.

After a while, he feels Nelson’s mouth leave his ass and one of the President’s powerful hands rest on his lower back. “You must surrender and be completely willing,” Nelson says, “to take all of me. Only when I am fully satisfied can you begin your journey here.”

With that, Elder Ence feels the head of the President’s cock press against his opening. How will his ass ever take such a massive dick? He feels his hole starting to stretch. Everything inside of him tenses and opens, trying to make room for that massive shaft that is spreading apart his ass as it sinks deep and fills him.

He knows President Nelson will fuck him for as long as he likes. As long as it takes for him to shoot a hot load. He bits his full lips, as Nelson’s cock goes deeper. Elder Ence knows he’s in for the pounding of a lifetime.

Published : 07/06/16

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