Elder Ence’s tight hole drips cum onto the white sheets he and President Nelson lay tangled on. Nelson’s sweaty, muscular chest heaves against Ence’s.

“You’ve become quite a fine specimen, boy,” Nelson breathes, slowly withdrawing his massive cock out of the young boy’s ass. “Keep this up, and you’ll assume leadership positions in the ranks of the priesthood authority in no time.”

Ence watches hungrily as the President dresses, his tan, hard ass disappearing into his white suit pants.

The boy is escorted to his missionary apartment to reunite with his mission companion. He tells his companion he needs to clean up and quickly heads into the bathroom for a shower. As he slowly soaps up his lean, smooth body, he begins to reflect on how he got to this point.

He can’t believe how much his companions and leaders put up with.

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Since the start of his mission, Ence had a lot of fun horsing around and even more fun fooling around with his mission companions.

But then, there’s nothing like completely surrendering himself to a big, strong daddy.

As Elder Ence runs the washcloth down his stomach, his hand grazes his already stiffening member. Ence gains such a sense of purpose from learning how to please the Brethren.

The young missionary boy let’s the warm water roll down his shaft. His hand begins to stroke it gently. He’s interrupted by a knock at the door from a horny companion Elder Dudley who wants to join.

Two weeks go by and Elder Ence doesn’t hear from The Brethren. He starts to get nervous that he’s done something wrong.

Why hadn’t they contacted him yet? He had heard from them almost every day since the start of his induction.

The phone call he was waiting for finally came while he was taking his morning shower. His companion opens the bathroom door to tell him that splits had been arranged, and the two would be splitting up for different assignments after lunch.

He towels off, dresses and runs a comb through his hair.

After lunch he pairs off with a high priest and heads to the temple. At the entrance to the temple, a handsome Temple worker extends his hand. Instinctively Elder Ence knows to give him the secret handshake he has learned.

Having received the required signs and tokens, the man guides the boy into a dark hallway where he is told to strip and don a ceremonial robe.

It isn’t cold, but Elder Ence shivers with nerves. His guide gestures and he notices a tiny door at knee height at the end of the hall.

“That is where you will wait until you hear a knock,” the worker says as he helps the boy tie the robe. Then he lifts a curtain and disappears down a separate hallway.

Crouching down on all fours, Elder Ence waits at the door.

He breathes in and out, waiting as an obedient boy should. Finally, he hears the knock. He crawls through the door and finds himself in a stark but brightly lit white room.

When he feels a familiar, firm grip on the back of his neck, he has to smile. He would recognize President Oaks’ confident hands anywhere.

The boy is made to crawl to the head of a bed in the center of this white room.

As Elder Ence kneels before the handsome silver fox, he sees President Nelson standing solemnly in the corner of the room. His hands are folded over his crotch but Ence swears he can see the swell of his ten inches pressing against his pants.

“You’ve been quite the challenge,” President Oaks whispers as Ence slowly unbuckles the President’s belt. “But we’ve really whipped you into shape.”

Ence nods hungrily and presses his mouth against the outline Oak’s thick member, breathing in his musk. “A priesthood bearer can have no greater joy than when he is in the service of his fellow man.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Oaks chuckles and even Nelson cracks a smile.

The salt and pepper haired man peels down his pants down to his sacred underwear and guides Ence’s young, eager lips to his shaft.

“Let’s see if you’ve truly earned your new name, boy.”
Published : 10/26/16

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