Bad boy, Elder Ence barely finishes spilling his load across Elder Sorensen’s  boyhood and chest when Sorensen lets him in on a big secret.

“I wasn’t joking,” Sorensen smiles, scooping up the cum with his hand and licking it from his fingers, “When I said there was a place where you can fuck every boy’s ass you see.”

Ence listens, his mouth hanging open and his dick already hardening again, as Elder Sorensen tells him about The Order.

A secret group of older, priesthood leaders within the church. And they have their pick of any tight hole they want? The things he imagines makes him feel dizzy.

Elder Sorensen explains that it’s not as easy as that. “You have to prove you can be obedient to the Brethren. They’ll do things to your body you’ve never experienced before.”

Ence laughs this off. He’s had all kinds of fun since becoming a missionary, including fucking the fresh-faced Elder Dudley. He’s sure nothing can surprise him.

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The next day, Ence is late for his first meeting at the Temple with President Nelson. When he strolls up, Elder Sorensen is pacing outside.

“What are you doing?” He shouts, “This is a big opportunity and they take punctuality very seriously. President Nelson is not going to be happy about this.”

Elder Ence continues to laugh as Sorensen pulls him through the Temple hallways. No one knows how to have fun any more.

But, when the turn the corner to President Nelson’s office, Ence realizes he might have made a mistake.

Nelson is already standing by the door, his chiseled jaw clenched, his muscular body practically bursting out of his suit. Ence didn’t know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t a man like this.

Without a word, President Nelson dismisses Sorensen and motions Ence into his office.

“Get undressed,” his deep voice sends waves of desire and fear through Ence’s body. “I said, get undressed.”

Ence strips as quickly as he can. He suddenly finds himself wanting to be good, wanting to obey.

But, President Nelson warns him to go slow, that this is an inspection and he wants to see every part of Ence’s body.

Clearly this is about obedience, to determine if he is worthy of even continuing his initiation.

Once he is naked, Elder Ence slowly steps towards the powerful man. His heart beats fast as Nelson wraps a massive hand around his cock. His dick starts to swell in the man’s hand.

President Nelson orders Ence onto his desk and begins to pull apart Ence’s ass and stroke his throbbing dick. Ence has never felt so powerless before, and he loves not being in control.

He could get used to this.

But before he has a chance, Nelson orders to mischievous boy to his knees. Elder Ence can see already a large bulge pushing against Nelson suit pants. But, when Nelson unzips and reveals his throbbing member, Ence gasps in shock. He didn’t know a cock be that massive.

“Put your mouth on my dick.” Nelson says gruffly.

Ence kisses the tip, which is already leaking precum. He opens his mouth as wide as he can, breathes in and prepares to swallow. The shaft fills his throat until he almost chokes.

“Good boy,” Nelson grunts and pushes farther into his mouth. Spit runs down Ence’s lips. He’s never felt anything like this before.

The only thing better than sucking on this massive dick, Ence thinks, would be shooting a hot load of cum deep into the President’s mouth. He might get that chance sooner than he thinks.
Published : 06/29/16

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