Setting Apart

Elder Ence has been working his way up the priesthood hierarchy for quite some time. From stirring up trouble at theMissionary Training Center as a new missionary to submitting to the initiatory rites and joining the secret brotherhood, it’s safe to say he has come a long way.

After years of hard work and devotion, he is finally ready to take on a new position to oversee the other boys — but this maker of mischief still has a few lessons to learn before he can assume his new role.

The time has come for Elder Ence to bow his head and take his final step as a boy, and there is a member of The Order who knows exactly how to tame this wild stallion.

President Skye‘s superhuman physique makes him stand out even in the brotherhood of physically superior men. His alluring accent leaves all the missionary boys speechless, and his dedication, desire, and discipline are admirable, to say the least.
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Skye’s power and physical presence makes every boy’s testicles itch to release.
In spite of Elder Ence’s wild nature, President Skye has been following his progress with satisfaction for quite some time. The president is more than pleased with how well Elder Ence has been performing on his mission and invites him into his office for a private meeting. It’s sometimes the wild ones who become the most devoted, with the proper training.

To Skye’s surprise, Ence exudes an unshakable confidence. This, among other factors, is why President Skye has asked Elder Ence to join the High Priesthood. It is now his sacred responsibility to guide the other missionaries as they grow, and groom them into unstoppable men like himself.

The two begin to pray, and as President Skye runs his fingers through Ence’s thick hair, the young man feels the first stirrings of lust in the base of his spine.

“Show me,” demands the President. All he can think about is fucking Elder Ence’s tight ass and filling his gut with his seed. “Show me how much you want this.”

And that he does…

Desirous to fulfill the President’s every wish, Ence pleases the man’s gigantic penis with his warm and welcoming mouth. He has had lots of encounters with The Order before, but tasting this man’s precum is completely intoxicating for the boy. He strips naked and lies down on President Skye’s desk, ready to be penetrated harder and deeper than ever before.
Published : 11/09/18


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