Elder Ence, the missionary with bad boy streak has been having a lot of fun fucking every fresh, young, missionary ass that comes his way.

Recently, he and Elder Dudley had a fling in their quarters where Ence got to shoot his cum across Dudley’s smooth, tan back.

Dudley had a big crush on Ence, but Ence was just looking to get his dick wet, and he was quickly afforded the opportunity to do that again when he was on splits with Elder Sorensen.

It thrilled Ence to watch the gorgeous blond haired blue eyed boy choke on his pulsing member. But Sorensen also let him in on a big secret.

Within the missionary church there exists a group of powerful men who initiate young boys into a sacred priesthood order where they get to do things with their bodies that are otherwise forbidden for the general membership of the church.

“Sign me up,” Elder Ence said with fascination.

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The next day he swaggered up to the Temple, ready for some action. But what he got instead, was a thorough pounding from one of the men in the temple leadership. And the man was irresistible.

President Nelson was given the responsibility of inspecting candidates for the higher priesthood, and the brethren could not have chosen a better man for the job.

President Nelson, a gruff, no nonsense man, dominated young Elder Ence with his big fat throbbing ten inches of dick. Ence never felt so at the mercy of another person’s desires and it filled him with pleasure.

Nelson, after pumping his load across the boy’s ass, gave Ence his stamp of his recommendation. He turned the boy over to President Oaks to continue his initiation.

“You’re a naughty little colt, but we’ll train you up” Nelson says with a grin, zipping up his pants. “You will meet the president at the Temple veil. Wait there for him for further instructions.”

Elder Ence takes the  fresh ceremonial robe off Nelson’s desk and slips it on, his nipples hardening against the sheer material.

When he arrives at the endowment room where the veil hangs, he is greeted by President Oaks.

Elder Ence is struck by how handsome the man is, his salt and pepper hair curled around his ears, contrasts the hard edge of his jaw. He seems more approachable than President Nelson, but as he rests his big strong hand against the back of Elder Ence’s neck, he knows this man is just as powerful as Nelson.

“Kneel down,” Oaks whispers. “And do as you are told.”

Ence kneels by the white veil and a mysterious voice asks what is wanted.

Oaks says, “Adam, having been true and faithful is presented at the veil.”

At that a thick, veiny shaft pushes through the slit in the veil directly in front of Ence’s open mouth.

Elder Ence does not hesitate. The boy reaches out and takes hold of the beautiful and huge manhood. He feels the cock lengthening as he licks and sucks.

Elder Ence  likes knowing that he is pleasing whoever is behind the curtain. He also likes being guided by Oaks. The President pushes the boy’s neck forward and Ence feels the stranger’s throbbing member touch the back of his throat. He gags, but loves how little control he has over his body. He loves being used as an orifice for pleasure.

Meanwhile, he feels President Oak’s big warm fingers pressing against his asshole, teasing it open. Ence’s own cock begins to swell and leak drops of precum onto the white carpet.

When the boy feels Oak’s hands encircle his waist, he knows something much bigger is about to slide inside of him. The prospect of having every hole in his body filled by these intimidating figures is almost too much for Ence to take. His balls are aching for release and he will do anything to be a part of The Order.
Published : 07/24/16

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