After showing himself to be a very talented sexual initiate, Elder Ence has taken one of the most important steps of his journey. Earlier in the day he was greeted at The Temple by President Oaks, the handsome, salt-and-pepper haired leader of The Brethren.

It is Oaks’ responsibility to teach the young boy how to give and eventually take the pleasure that is the right of all men who join the Order. And he takes this task very seriously.

President Oaks anointed the boy with ceremonial oil; pressing his warm fingers against his face, his muscular chest, and finally his throbbing cock.

Elder Ence felt a surge of electricity at the powerful man’s touch. He knew just how to work his hand up and down Ence’s shaft to make his balls ache for release.

The young boy was filled with desire watching this intimidating man kneel on the ground in front of him. He desperately wants to feel the president’s mouth on his cock.

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He felt humbled that such an important man would want to give him pleasure. He held out for as long as he could, but all too soon he was shooting thick ropes of cum into the President’s mouth.

“Now it’s my turn.”

President Oaks commands Ence to get on all fours and arch his back. “I want to see that hole before I fill it.”

Elder Ence listens to the sound of President Oak’s belt being pulled free of its loops. The man slides his pants down and exposes his already erect member.

Without hesitation, Ence takes the prize into his mouth.

The President smiles down at the boy’s eager sucking. “That’s it. Get it nice and wet for me.”

The boy does as he’s told, taking the shaft all the way to the back of his throat, swallowing the precum that drips from the head.

The President pulls out and gets behind the boy. He wastes no time teasing his hole, grabbing Ence’s hips and pushing into the boy.

The boy’s hole is filled completely.

Elder Ence groans as he feels Oaks’ heavy balls slap against his ass. He knows that the President is in to the hilt and the boy feels like he might cum again at any second.

The young man loves how powerful the President’s body is, how he can feel the pulse of the older man’s thigh muscles and the swelling of his thick dick as he’s fucked from behind.

“Turn around for me,” the President demands.

The young man lies on his back and opens his legs as wide as he can. He wants the President to know that he can have as much as he wants of the boy. And the man wants it all. He plows Elder Ence with his thick member, pressing the boy’s legs down into his chest so he can go even deeper.

Pulling on his aching cock, Ence hungrily watches President Oaks own his body. He feels like a wild animal with this man. He wants more. He thrusts up as the President pushes into him, tightening his hole around the President’s cock.

The President makes a guttural moan, his eyes screwing closed. “I’m going to cum,” he shouts.

Ence eagerly waits for Oaks to shoot his hot load. He loves knowing that it’s his obedient body that brought the President to this point of total ecstasy.
Published : 08/24/16

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