Elder Ence tightens his ass around President Oaks’ probing finger. He pulls his knees against his chest so that Oaks can plunge even deeper. “Please,” he whispers, “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

A few months ago the feisty young man would never so obediently have submitted his body to the attentions of one of his priesthood leaders.

When Ence first began his mission, he was just a horny teen who wanted to have fun. He went on a mission because not doing so was social suicide in Utah.

In the MTC he saw every perfectly groomed, tight assed missionary boy as a potential conquest. Little more than a “smooth boy pussy” to stick his dick in.

Even his mission companion, the more ruggedly handsome Elder Dudley, who quickly fell for Ence’s carefree attitude was, initially, just another notch in his belt.

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But the stern and focused attentions of The Brethren changed all that.

They knew that Ence would be a challenge, and that is why they assigned President Nelson and President Oaks to break the boy in. And break him in they did.

Now, Ence relishes servicing the members of the priesthood authority. He knows that doing so will allow him to assume a leadership position amongst them, but it also gives him a deep sense of purpose.

He finally understands the central tenant of missionaryism that there is no higher calling than serving his fellow man.

Earlier today, the boy arrived at the Temple and, after giving the secret handshake to a handsome Temple worker, was guided through the secret corridors of the temple to a changing room. In that room he was undressed and prepared by several men.

Dressed in the priesthood robes of authority, but otherwise nude, he was led at length to a very small high door.  The door was barely knee high, and he was instructed to wait for a knock before entering.

The size of the door forced him to get on all fours, and when the knock came and he finally opened the door, he felt as vulnerable and submissive as a dog.

And the sensation was incredibly arousing.

He crawled through the opening, and was immediately seized by the neck.

When he felt President Oaks’ hand grab him, his already stiffening member lengthened to full mast. Elder Ence was even more excited when he saw President Nelson standing sternly in the corner, watching.

As President Oaks’ disrobed and unleashed his thickly-veined pink cock, he smiled down at the boy.

Elder Ence knew what was wanted, he didn’t need to ask. He brought his lips to President Oaks’ crotch, and let the man’s dripping cock head slowly lower onto his tongue.

“That’s it,” Oaks whispered, pushing his pulsing cock farther into the boy’s mouth.

When Ence could feel the shaft touch the back of his throat, he began to move his head, keeping his large, brown eyes fixed on Oaks’ face.

The President tangled his fingers in the boy’s hair and thrust into the boy’s throat, relishing the wet moans that escaped the boy’s mouth.

Eventually, Oaks’ ordered the boy onto the white bed in the center of the room.

To Ence’s surprise and delight, he felt the President’s warm breathe against his own cock. Oaks enveloped his member with his mouth, while his hands milked the boy’s aching balls.

Elder Ence loved watching the handsome man work him over like that. He flexed his abs and pushed up, trying to feel as much of Oaks’ mouth as possible.

But soon enough, Oaks wanted more. And now, the young boy is being driven to the brink by Oaks’ teasing.

“You want to be filled, boy?”

Ence nods hungrily. “Please, sir.”

Oaks withdraws his finger and looks at President Nelson. “What do you think? Has he earned it?”

Nelson smirks. “I suppose. But don’t go easy on him.”

“Get up,” Oaks gruffly commands. Ence watches, his mouth watering, as the President stretches his lean frame across the bed. His throbbing dick twitches against his stomach.

He motions for the boy to climb on top.

Ence’s heart beats in his chest as he suppresses a smile.
Published : 11/02/16

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