The Calling

Elder Edwards rose to his feet, standing up from the wood and leather chair he’d been given. His fingers timidly reached for his jacket buttons, carefully releasing them from their closures. He felt his face become reddened and warm, responding to the strange moment he was in. It wasn’t usual for him to strip down in front of an area president.

His eyes stayed down, trying not to make eye contact with President Ballard, the handsome man who sat patiently behind his desk. It was just a few days prior that he’d been naked in front of him before, but this seemed to do little in making the situation any less uncomfortable.

Elder Edwards prided himself on his understanding of decorum and propriety, and nothing in his 18 years prepared him for the journey he was on. It was only vaguely explained to him that there was a secret society in the church known as the Order, a select membership of powerful men who embodied the true authority and priesthood.
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It seemed so much bigger than anything Elder Edwards had ever imagined, and his curiosity was piqued at the idea of becoming part of this elusive organization. All he had to do was follow the orders of his superiors and satisfy their needs. Seemed simple enough. That is until the real tests of obedience presented themselves.

Elder Edwards stripped out of his suit and clothing, doing as President Ballard had requested. As each piece fell away, more of his rosy, soft, smooth skin was revealed. Ballard’s eyes moved up and down his body, observing the stark contrast between the white of his garments and the pink of his flesh. And as Edwards became more aware of his gaze, he only became redder.

“Step closer,” Ballard ordered, seeing the athletic boy in his garments, discarding the last of his formal attire.

Edwards took a small step closer to the desk, intimidated by the handsome man behind it. Ballard could see his nervousness in his face, and moved his wheeled chair next to the him.

As soon as he was in reach, Ballard ran his hand between the boys legs, feeling the smoothness of his inner thighs. The thick trunks the boy stood upon barely had room between them for the cloth of his garments, giving Ballard the sensual feeling of the skin squeezing his fingers.

His body was very warm, as if he’d just come in from a run. He knew this was more nervous energy than physical exertion, but from the mass of his body, he knew he was no stranger to a good sweat.

With one hand, Ballard felt up his backside, feeling up his buttocks and the small of his back. With the other, he crept his fingers under the leg of his garments, taking in the smooth inners of his thighs.

Elder Edwards found himself breathing heavier as the touches moved more and more over his bare skin. He let out audible moans, responding instinctively to the caress of the handsome leader. He remembered how well his hands had brought him to arousal before–even pushing him to the point of orgasm. He knew that he shouldn’t–that it was wrong and sinful–but deep down, he hoped it would happen again.

President Ballard continued feel up his body, moving his hands under his shirt, feeling his full, developed pecs. Elder Edwards let out more sounds of pleasure, tensing just slightly as the older man’s finger tips grazed the peaks of his nipples.

Turning the boy to face him, President Ballard placed his face against the boy’s crotch. Elder Edwards worried that his building erection would become problematic, even getting him into some form of trouble. Instead, he watched as Ballard took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of his genitals.

Ballard couldn’t believe how beautiful and firm the boy’s body was. His hands moved behind him, running over the round mound of ass meat the boy carried on his backside. Ballard squeezed them tightly, feeling them fill the palms of his hands in the most delightful way. He needed to have more of him.

“Get up on the desk,” Ballard ordered, standing from his seated position and standing eye to eye with his blue eyed submissive.

Elder Edwards crawled up onto the hard, wooden desk, hearing it creek under the weight of his body. He wasn’t a tiny boy boy any means. A lifetime of athletics, training, and discipline made him a sturdy young man of impressive mass. And on all fours, with his ass bent over and his arms stretched out, he had the form of a prize stallion: muscular, agile, and powerful.

Ballard walked around him, running his hand over his body, feeling his strength, form, and size beneath. He saw the potential in his stallion. Good stock, well groomed, perfect for breeding.

When he approached him from behind, President Ballard pulled down his shorts, letting them rest at his knees. He saw the boy’s butt for the first time unobscured. It was milky white, barely any sign of blemish or redness. It could have been sculpted out of white clay.

He stripped the boy of his garments completely, leaving him naked and vulnerable on his desk. The lily white color of flesh seemed to hold true all over, though now he saw more pink flushing beneath the surface. Elder Edwards was embarrassed, responding to his nakedness and the power of his superior. Or was it excitement?

As Ballard inspected him, back on all fours, ass up and his hole visible, he saw the pink of his pucker, perfectly smooth and formed above his heavy genitals. As his eye followed his testicles down to his shaft, he got an answer to that question. Between him legs hung a thick, large, swollen cock, dripping the smallest droplet of precum from its tip.

Ballard studied him longer, rolling up his sleeves and removing his tie. He then ran his hands over the boy’s buttocks, feeling between his warm, smooth cheeks, against the deep crevasse between, feeling the intense heat that emanated from his hole. He pressed at thumb against it, feeling it’s tightness and pressure pushing back.

He knew the boy would have to be fucked and that his cock was thicker than most he’d ever encountered. He also knew that this would the first time the boy would ever take a cock up his hole.

The idea excited Ballard more than he imagined, picturing in his mind the way in which the boy’s bubble butt would wrap tightly around his impressive member, milking out the cum from his large balls. The thought was enough to nearly make the older man cum just from seeing his thumb press deeper against his hole.

Feeling him longer, he could feel the boy’s sphincter tighten against him, remembering how it took his fingers before. It was clear that Elder Edwards was also thinking of how he could be filled…

Published : 04/26/18

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