Second Anointing

Elder Edwards sat up on the altar, feeling its firm platform beneath his buttocks. His legs hung over, dangling freely in the air, his hands anxiously holding onto the edge.

He felt the fine hairs on his spine tingle, sending a pleasant, disarming sensation throughout his entire body. It was the same feeling he got when he want the doctor, sitting on the table with the fine paper beneath him.

While he was stripped down to his underwear, exposed and compliant, this differed in many ways from his usual medical physical.

President Lee stood next to him, rubbing his hands together with slick, shiny liquid between them. Edwards could hear his fingers slide back and forth, breaking the powerful silence in the room. The only thing that competed with this sound was his own, excited, pounding heart beat.

President Lee touched Edwards’ feet, his warm hands soothing the muscles on his soles.
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His hands slid all over, across the contours, between his toes, and around his ankles. Edwards extended his leg slightly, trying to keep himself braced and firm to receive his touch.

Every finger that connected with him made his strong, athletic form desperate to completely yield, fold, and melt. But he knew what was expected of him. He would stay tall and alert, ready and patient, obedient to his leader.

President Lee’s hands moved up his legs, past his calves and knees, onto his meaty, thick thighs. Edwards closed his eyes for a moment, trying to stay focused as the older man felt up close to his genitals.

Instinctively he fought off an erection, similar as he would with the doctor. But He knew Lee’s touch was different. Lee wanted to anoint him, bless him, embrace him… Lee’s eyes were wide with excitement, and his hands lingered everywhere they went.

As he approached his loins, Lee pressed his fingers between the boy’s thighs, feeling their warmth and strength. He lifted his hands up, feeling the boy’s balls inside his garments. A slight rise in his shorts appears as he continued to fondle him. Edwards let out a desperate exhale, as if he’d been holding it tight in his chest since Lee first touched him.

Elder Edwards felt his nipples harden, reacting to the pleasant feeling of the older man’s hand on his penis. His breathing became hotter and heavier, anticipating every move it made, hoping it would go further, stay longer, press harder.

“Kneel up,” President Lee whispered, speaking barely loud enough for Edwards to hear. Edwards got on on his knees, feeling a little light headed and dizzy. Something about the slow, soft, sensual way he was being handled made him feel almost like he was floating. His muscular body felt light and airy, and the only time he seemed to be aware of himself was when Lee’s hand touched him.

With his buttocks resting on his ankles, his knees firmly plants, and his chest and shoulders strongly supporting up his torso, he felt the oiled hands of Lee spread over his chest. The broad strokes moved over him, seeming to excite and motivate his vital organs, inspiring his every breath and heart beat.

Lee’s hands travel down the boy’s flat stomach, further stirring up his innards, making him perspirate and pant. His chest feels tight as he tries to hold onto his composure. But as President Lee runs his oiled hand inside the boy’s waistband, under his garments, and places his slick fingers around the boy’s cock, Edwards let out a breath of air, releasing the tension in the muscles, and yielding his arousal to the older man’s delicate grip…

Published : 08/17/18

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