Elder Edwards sat in the temple with his head held high. He couldn’t think of a time he was more proud. He’d workso hard and surprised himself of all that he was capable of. Not only was he being ordained into the Order, but he felt truly blessed to be in the fraternity of such esteemed men as President Ballard.

The older man entered the room, his face beaming and smiling through his salt and pepper beard. He seemed to share in Edward’s pride, elated that he had the honor of bringing him into the their secret society. Elder Edwards was truly and exceptional inductee, not just in his stunning appearance and athletic body, but he had a truly regal way about him that Ballard knew the Brethren prized greatly.

As soon as he was within arm’s reach, Ballard lifted the boy up from his seated position, bringing him eye to eye. The boy’s clear, blue eyes were like pools of sapphires against his snow white skin.
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His perfectly groomed, dark hair and eyebrows framed them perfectly, like fine pieces of art, formed from precious jewels.

Ballard had seen the boy come up through his initiation was couldn’t believe how lucky he was to see him there on his final ritual.

He turned the boy around, facing away from him, resting his back against his frontside. He carefully removed the boy’s jacket and tie, pulling at his fine clothing unravelling his religious attire, stripping him down to his garments.

With the boy unburdened by formal wear, his muscular body seemed to flush with excitement and desire. Patches of his flesh turned red, revealing his true feelings for the older man in a beautiful display of crimson and pink. Ballard loved that he could practically read the boy’s mind by the ink blots that appears on his skin. It’s how he knew that this moment was just as special for Edwards as it was for Ballard.

Turning the boy around, facing him, he held the boy close to him, feeling his swelling erection press against his own, He wrapped his hands around the boy’s buttocks tightly, letting them become full of his impressive meat. Very few of the missionaries who’d come through him had such a perfect bubble butt… he could play with it all day long if he could.

Instead, he let his fingers trail up and down the crevasse of the boy’s backside, feeling his pants slide down his hips and hit the floor. Standing in just his perfect, white, sheer garments, Edwards looked as fresh and pure as an angel. His pouty lips seemed to kiss the air with each heavy breath, desperate to taste the man’s flesh, to know once more the delights of sexual satisfaction, and to give in to the most delicious sin.

Ballard lifted up the boy’s shirt, running his hands over his bare chest and nipples. The smooth circles hardened under his fingers, causing the boy’s heart to pound harder and harder. He could feel the beat hasten as his hands slowly moved over his pecs and sternum. He looked down and could see the boy’s erection grow as well.

Edwards could see he wasn’t alone. Ballard’s monster cock poked up in his pants, as evident as if it were completely exposed. He knew he was hung like no one else, and this both made him excited and nervous. He wanted to please him and do all he asked, but the giant, thick penis was always a challenge for his tight, teenage hole.

If ever there was a time he had to prove his dedication, it was now. He took a deep breath and pulled the older man’s pants down, gazing upon the enormous member beneath the president’s garments…
Published : 08/31/18


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