Disciplinary Action

President Ballard looked at the young boy’s body standing in front him, stripped of his suit and tie and covered onlyby his pristine white garments. Elder Edward’s skin was flushed with a rosy color, revealing his nervousness and excitement well before he’d even made eye contact with his leader.

Ballard observed the way his muscles were shaped, rounded and full. His chest as was broad and developed, as well as his shoulders and arms. Ballard could tell he would mature into an impressive specimen of a man. But nothing was more enticing to him than his perfectly round ass.

The older man removed the boy’s garment top, giving him a glimpse of the boy’s erect, red nipples before he lead him toward a chair. Ballard took a seat, leading Elder Edwards by the hand, and bent him over his knee.

Ballard was amused at how heavy the man boy was across his lap. In a few years time and with continued workouts, he knew Elder Edwards would be ever bigger than he was. As it was now, they were similar height and build.
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But Edwards lacked something that Ballard had–something that would keep him in submission regardless of his size: power.

Ballard pulled down the boy’s pants, his eyes widening as more of the lily white flesh of the boy’s behind became uncovered. He could practically see the muscles and veins that kept it plump and firm. It was smooth as freshly fallen snow, seeming to shake and bounce every time the boy adjusted his weight, securing his position. This only made Ballard even more lustful.

President Ballard ran his hand over the boy’s right butt cheek. It was warm and inviting, like a freshly fluffed pillow, begging to be rested upon. Ballard raised his hand and gave it a gentle tap, barely a spank, but enough to see its meat jiggle and reverberate in response. The action let out a soft slap sound, rushing blood to the older man’s cock immediately.

It was like a drug to him, seeing his ass move. He raised his hand again, slapping the other cheek, watching as it moved similarly to the other. Ballard’s breath became heavy, his eyes narrowed, his mouth watered, and he felt his heart race full of excitement.

He smacked the boy’s butt again, harder this time. Elder Edwards’ reaction was similarly more intense, his back arching as his shoulders lifted, his head shot up into the air, and he let out a soft moan. The boy titled his head around, looking back, hoping to see when Ballard’s hand was preparing for another. Ballard caught the boy’s crystal blue eyes peeking back at him, and he immediately moved the boy’s head back to look away. He didn’t want him to see what more was coming…
Published : 08/03/18

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