Washing And Anointing

Elder Dudley has long been looking forward to the Washing And Anointing ceremony, especially since he know hewill be lead through it by President Oaks. The handsome man has cast looks at him in the past, and he has wondered what they mean. Does the man find him attractive? Or is the boy just another missionary, someone who must be stewarded and guided and molded like a piece of clay. He wants to be more than that, but he has no idea whether Oaks sees anything special in him. So, he is honored to learn that Oaks has elected to guide him through the Washing and Anointing. Perhaps there is a spark after all.

He stands still as Oaks runs his hands over his body, anointing every part of him with care and patience. His cock grows hard in his humble garb, and he hopes that Oaks will not take offense to his bodily reaction to the man’s soft hands. But rather than turning away, Oaks finds Dudley’s stiff cock enchanting. He kneels down and plays with the boy’s member, gliding his fingertips over it with sultry playfulness.
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Then, he folds his palm over it and works from the root back to the tip, turning his hand as it moves. Dudley’s eyes widen and his heart flutters as he begins to comprehend what Oaks is about to do. But it is only once he sees it – and feels it – that he can truly believe it.

Oaks offers his mouth to the boy’s cock, pleasuring him softly with his lips and tongue. Dudley feels electricity shoot to his toes as the man plays with his frenulum, flicking the tip of his tongue softly across. Clearly, he was right that the looks meant something, and as Oaks humbles himself before the boy, Dudley looks on in surprised delight, savoring every moment of the ritual.
Published : 03/30/16


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