The Calling

As Elder Dudley silently admires President Nelson’s muscular body, he finds himself zoning out. It is typical of Dudley tolose track of his mind, but when President Nelson sees the boy’s eyes glaze over, he is not happy. The lack of attention marks an undisciplined mind in President Nelson’s book, and a young missionary must have proper discipline if he is going to serve the men of The Order. There is no way around it, and if Dudley is unable to keep himself sharp, he will never be able to make it through the steps necessary for him to advance in his mission.

In response to the boy’s listlessness, Nelson commands him to take his pants off. Dudley snaps out of his haze and is shocked at the man’s request. What does the priest have planned for him? The only way for him to find out is to obey. He disrobes and makes his way towards Nelson’s desk, simultaneously aroused and frightened by the towering figure before him. But as Nelson lays his firm hands upon him, he feels a deeper sense of fear wash over him. He is in totally uncharted territory.
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Nelson makes Dudley opens his mouth and slides his meaty prick between his lips. He loves the feeling of his thick shaft on the boy’s hungry tongue. Then, he spreads the boy’s ass cheeks for his massive prick to enter. He knows that the penetration will hurt, but once he gets past the initial moment, the boy will experience a sensation of fullness that he has never felt before. Nelson’s huge penis wields a masculine power that scares Dudley, but he does not want to escape the man’s grasp. On the contrary, he wants to face his fears and have his asshole opened by the intimidating priest, one inch at a time.
Published : 02/28/16


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