The Covenant

When boys set their eyes on President Nelson, tremors run through their bodies. Even if they have never experienced the man’s giant cock,the rumors of its size and power are enough to make their own dicks stand at attention. So, as Elder Dudley enters the white room where the Covenant ceremony is set to take place, he understands that he is in for a hard anal pummeling like he has never experienced before. But he has mentally prepared for this day, looking forward to his chance to prove his cock-taking abilities to two of the most prominent members of the Order. And he is honored that charming President Oaks has chosen to sit in as witness to the ritual.

He crawls out of the lowly hovel in his ceremonial garb, something that resembles a sheet draped across his body, and makes his way to the foot of a bed. There, he is commanded to take President Nelson’s socks off and then wash his feet, proving he is capable of total submission to the authoritative power of the Order.
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Once this step is complete, Dudley kneels before the powerful figure of President Nelson awaiting his next directive. He is sure that it will be to orally pleasure the man, and he is anxious about whether he will be able to fit his whole dick inside his mouth. Either way, he will do his best.

He gathers Nelson’s girthy member between his lips, amazed by his chiseled physique and meaty cock. He sucks until he is sure the man is ready to move to the next portion of the ritual, the penetration. Laying his torso on the bed, Dudley spreads his ass cheeks for the strong man to lick his sweet hole while jerking his rock-hard dick. Then, he takes hold of his own shaft, stroking while Nelson inserts his giant penis into his tight hole.

Published : 07/10/16


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