The Calling

Although he has always been looked at as one of the more mature missionaries, Elder Dudley feels the boy in him come aliveas President Nelson plunges deep into his sore asshole. There is nothing that makes him feel more alive than obeying his most submissive urges and bottoming for the super hung and extremely muscular priest. Perhaps this is what his mission has been about the whole time. Perhaps he has just been waiting for a man like President Nelson to make him forget about his responsibilities and return to a state of bliss and carefree subservience.

Nelson enjoys the power he wields over the young man, and only strokes harder as Dudley squirms. He wants to fuck every drop of cum out of the boy’s young body, and based on the size of his massive cock, that is not a far-fetched goal. The deeper he delves into Dudley’s butthole, the more the prostate stimulation makes the boy want to spurt his hot goo everywhere. But he resolves to hold his semen until it is clear that Nelson wants him to cum. This is not about Dudley’s needs after all, it is about Nelson’s.
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Finally, Dudley flips over onto his back and lays with his legs spread on Nelson’s desk. He strokes his swollen penis as Nelson continues to plow his tight hole. As he gets closer to climax, he closes his eyes and thanks his lucky stars for putting him in such a fortunate position. Not every horny boy gets to experience a manhood like the one on Nelson’s body, and Dudley appreciates every inch. As he thrusts, Dudley’s mind goes blank and he is engulfed in pleasure. Then, he jerks a huge load of hot sperm onto his own furry body, completing the ceremony in a gooey flurry of cum.
Published : 03/13/16

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