Elder Dudley has always been a sweet obedient boy, making him the perfect candidate for the higher priesthood. President Nelson wants nothing more than to permanently impale the handsome boy on his huge dick, and has not been shy about saying so during the quorum meetings of the high priests.

President Nelson is a ranking leadership official in the secret sexual society known as The Order. And his massive cock has legendary among the young boys he’s deflowered over the years.

Innocent Elder Dudley was first fucked by the muscle daddy when he was invited to join the order. During his Covenant, he must demonstrate a total submission of the flesh, and it is crucial that Dudley please the President during this step if he wants to be ordained.

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President Oaks is acting as witness during the ceremony, and he does not try to hide his sizable erection that is straining against the front fabric of his pants.

President Oaks witnesses as Elder Dudley chokes on President Nelson’s thick member. And Oaks nods his approval as the handsome young man is pushed face down on the bed.

Elder Dudley knows what is next when he feels President Nelson’s strong hands pressing down on the small of his back.

“Are you going to be obedient in all things?” The President’s voice is deep and commanding. It makes Dudley’s dick throb painfully against the mattress.

“I will be obedient in all things,” he moans.

Dudley feels Nelson’s weight against his legs increase, and the impossibly large head of his dick starts teasing open his hole.

Elder Dudley’s sighs loudly as President Nelson works the monstrous head of his thick dick past his sphincter. Both groan once President Nelson’s dick head is completely lodged in his ass beyond the boy’s sphincter. The hunky priesthood leader lets Dudley’s hole get used to the girth of his cock before he goes any further.

Finally, President Nelson begins to slide inside the boy. Nelson’s cock seems to get larger each time he fucks Dudley.

The President grabs Dudley’s hips and pushes all ten thick inches into Dudley’s ass and fills him completely. He thrusts harder and harder, his muscular thighs slapping against the young boy’s ass.

Dudley turns his head, trying to see Nelson’s gigantic shaft as it disappears inside his ass. “Is that too big for you?,” Nelson growls and pushes the boy’s head back into the mattress. Lightning bolts of pleasure and desire shoot through Dudley’s entire body. He’s never surrendered himself like this, and it feels amazing.

Suddenly, Dudley’s hole tightens down on President Nelson’s dick and Nelson can’t hold back. He unloads what seems like a gallon of cum, and breeds it deep in Elder Dudley’s hole.

But President Nelson has incredible stamina and he isn’t done yet. Nelson pulls out and tells the boy to get up and lie on his back. The President lowers himself on top of Dudley’s willing frame.

Now that he can see the President’s chiseled body, and massive member as it pistons in and out of his ass, Dudley knows it won’t be long until he shoots his own load all over his chest. He hopes that President Nelson will do the same even though he has already cum in the boy’s ass.

Published : 07/17/16


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