The Atonement ceremony is one of the most difficult for young missionaries on their path to the Order. Part of the reason is the fear that comes with hearing rumors about the rituals involved. Once one boy goes through it, he can’t help but let some of the details slip. And soon, the myth of the Atonement ceremony grows until it shrouds reality completely. So, when a boy like Elder Dudley steps into the dark room where the ceremony is to take place, he is filled with trepidation. Will he be able to make it to the end of the stretcher? And what waits beyond the final peg?

President Oaks can sense Dudley’s fear as soon as he enters the room and quickly instructs President Nelson to begin the ritual. He starts by helping the boy undress before guiding him to the beginning of the stretcher. Then, the men command the boy to sit, expanding his sphincter on the first and smallest peg. Dudley obeys, letting the wood peg penetrate his asshole slowly as he sits. But just as soon as his body accepts the mass in his rectum, he is ordered to move on to the next one. This process continues until he finds himself face to face with the final and largest peg.

But as soon as he braves the stretcher, Dudley is faced with another challenge. Oaks unbuttons his pressed dress shirt and unsheathes his fat cock, readying it to slam Dudley’s butthole from behind. Dudley braces himself and bites his lip as the man enters him. His hole throbs and he grimaces as Oaks pushes into his anus, but he accepts the pummeling as part of his Atonement. Soon, the pain gives way to pleasure as the hard pounding sends waves of pleasure Dudley’s mind and body. Perhaps Atonement is sweeter than he presumed.
Published : 05/29/16

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