Elder Dobrovnik has always been obedient. As a child, his stern, Russian parents didn’t even bother hiding forbidden sweets from him because they knew if they told Dobrovnik he must not eat them, he would do just as he was told.

The tall, strapping boy’s ability to follow rules has served him well. He joined the church two years ago and has only been a missionary for a year, but he has already been called to be one of the mission president’s Assistants to the President.

The boy derives a lot of joy from this position. He feels important when checking in with the Zone Leaders. He loves the daily meeting the two APs have with the mission president.

For Elder Dobrovnik, this service is the most important thing he has ever done.

Just a few weeks into his calling as AP, the mission president pulled the boy aside.

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“You’re an outstanding missionary,” president said, resting his hand firmly on Dobrovnik’s muscular shoulders. “There is a man I would like you to meet. He is one of our area authorities.”

He continued, “I have received a recommendation that you should receive a special calling, but before I tell you more you must agree to never disclose the secrets of the temple.”

“Bow your head and say yes.”

The words sent a lightning bolt through the boy. At least, that’s what it felt like. A powerful electric surge from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He felt a simultaneous rush of excitement. His body was physically responding to some unseen force that he had learned to call “promptings.”

Dobrovnik bowed his head and said, “yes.”

Before his mission, Elder Dobrovnik went through the temple. At the time, the experience shocked and surprised him. There was so much that he did not anticipate.

But now, it seemed his president was suggesting the possibility of other secret ceremonies and ordinances in the church beyond what he knew about.

It was indeed exciting, but he was also nervous.

“There are secrets in the temple that we do not make public. You have been invited to the temple when it is otherwise closed to the public. Before you go there are two things you should know.”

Handing the boy a packet the president continued, “Take a moment tonight to read about the Second Anointing.”

“Second, do not go to the temple tomorrow unless you are prepared to be totally and completely obedient. No matter what is asked of you.”

The boy read and reread that packet several times before he went to bed. And then before dawn he was out of bed doing his morning routine of pushups and situps until his chiseled abs and arms were aching.

But his mind was crystal clear. No matter what was asked of him, he would quickly and immediately obey.

Dressing slowly, smoothing his freshly ironed shirt and pants in front of the mirror, Elder Dobrovnik felt ready.

When he arrives at the Temple, ten minutes early, a handsome, salt and pepper haired man greets him. He introduces himself as the secretary to President Oaks. He leads the boy into his office.

“Tell me, Elder,” the man says as he begins to leaf through the boy’s membership record in front of him. “Do you think I’m powerful?”

Confused, Dobrovnik looks down. “Yes sir,”

“If I told you where true power and authority comes from, would you be interested in attaining such power?”

Unsure how to answer this question, Dobrovnik takes a moment. He wants to give the correct answer and perhaps this question is a test, to expose his greed and sinfulness.

“I,” his mouth has gone dry. “Yes sir.”

The man smiles at him. “Today you will learn about the higher priesthood, I need to know that you can, above all, keep this confidential. And when the time comes, whatever the men you meet here at the temple say or do, you willingly submit without question or complaint.”

Dobrovnik nods.

Satisfied with the boy’s answers, Dobrovnik is escorted into the office of the president and instructed to have a seat.

“President, when you are ready Elder Dobrovnik is here and wishes to learn about the True Order.”

President Oaks motions for the boy to sit.

“I’ll be with you in a moment”

Nervously Elder Dobrovnik waits until finally the president closes the book and puts it in his desk.

“Elder Dobrovnik, stand up”

The boy does as he is told.

“I want you to undress.”

This is not the first time he is being instructed to disrobe in the temple. Before his mission all the boys were instructed to disrobe before their initiatories. But this felt different.

As he obediently unzips and unbuttons, Dobrovnik begins to shake. What does President Oaks want him to do?

Oaks motions for him to approach his desk. He stands next to the boy, who is now wearing just his sacred underwear.

Dobrovnik feels the President’s hands run across and his chest and down to his stomach. And then, to his surprise, he feels the President’s warm hand take hold of his cock.

His member instantly swells to its full size.

Dobrovnik has heard of boys fooling around with each other, but his conservative upbringing frowned on that. In fact, as far as he knew it was against the rules.

And it wasn’t something he was interested in, besides. But he has to admit, knowing that this is part of the initiation, knowing that his cock is in this man’s hand…it makes Dobrovnik’s erection swell and his balls ache.

If this is what is required of him, he will submit. And the moment he makes this decision, a lightswitch is flipped in his brain.

Suddenly he realizes, he likes that he has no choice.

The President commands the boy to get on all fours on his desk. Elder Dobrovnik is nervous. He does as he’s told.

President Oaks runs his hands down the length of the boy’s arms and back. When he begins to fondle Dobrovnik’s cock and pull apart his firm cheeks, Dobrovnik can’t help but feel desire.

Oaks tells the boy to slide off the desk and kneel. And after he inspects the boy’s mouth he tells him to, “bend over,” the desk.

He takes in a breath and remains frozen in place as he hears the buckle of the president’s pants click open.

He feels, the head of Oak’s cock, pressing against his hole. He tightens in surprise.

“Stay right where you are,” Oaks says with authority.

Instinctively, Elder Dobrovnik breathes out at the moment President Oaks pushes his massive member into the boy’s untouched hole. Inch by inch it slides in until Dobrovnik can feel Oaks’ heavy balls pressing against his taint.

Published : 10/16/16


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