Elder Dobrovnik is preoccupied with thoughts of his initiation ceremony with President Oaks.

The handsome man got on top of the missionary boy and held his small hips in his strong hands. Putting the head of his cock at the boy’s puckered hole, the priesthood leader slowly stabbed his plump cockhead into the boy’s tight quim.

Poor Elder Dobrovnik had only been fucked twice before, but still he winced and whimpered as the priesthood leader’s engorged cock plunged deep inside him, stretching him as wide as a summer sausage before the big man’s ball’s were pressed against his taint.

It didn’t take long before Oaks was fucking the boy with long, slow strokes. Elder Dobrovnik was moaning with pleasure and even spread his legs wider for President Oaks. As the boy’s raging hard boner began to swing with the force of each thrust, Oaks knew he had won him over.

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When it was all over, President Oaks withdrew his member from Dobrovnik’s hole, and anointed the boy with cum.

“You continue to be a very obedient recruit, Elder,” Oaks had said.

That was welcome praise for the missionary missionary boy. Dobrovnik felt a tremendous sense satisfaction..

When his mission president told him about The Order, there were several weeks where he thought of almost nothing else. Unsurprising given his missionary upbringing and the things he had been taught about sex.

And although he had never considered sex with men before he started his induction, he realized during his very first encounter with President Oaks when he received the calling, that being submissive to a man of higher priesthood authority, defines him in ways he was only beginning to understand.

A realization that was cemented as fact when he been disciplined by President Ballard and then fucked by Ballard’s strapping nephew.

President Oaks knows this about the boy as well..

“Now that you’ve demonstrated obedient and submissive to the duties and covenants of the priesthood, you will be given a mission assignment.”

Dobrovnik listens carefully as Oaks explains that he will be given a new companion to train and recruit. The boy has also been on his mission for roughly a year and also identified as a possible recruit.

Elder Esplin, a gorgeous clean cut blond is, according to Oaks, “doubting the validity of the church”.

On his PDay when he and his companion had internet access, the Brethren monitored his searches. They learned that while he should have been writing letters home, he instead spent time looking up “missionary and gay,” and sources that disprove major tenants of the missionary faith like “CES Letter” and “Kinderhook Plates.”

Far from feeling comforted, Elder Esplin was confused that much of what he previously believed is not true.

“We plan to share the truth with him, Elder Dobrovnik. And we believe you can be a service in this regard.” President Oaks had told him.

The boys were paired together during transfers that week, and Dobrovnik spent the first few days watching Elder Esplin carefully.

The young boy does seem to be in crisis. He spends much of the night before lights out in prayer, his lean body perfectly still, his hands clasped together.

As Dobrovnik watches the boy’s muscular body in the flimsy sacred underwear, it’s all Dobrovnik can do to hide his pulsing erection before getting into bed.

One night, Dobrovnik decides he has waited long enough. He approaches the praying boy and lays a hand on Esplin’s shoulder.

“I know you’re having doubts, but, I want you to learn the truth.”

Esplin turns to Dobrovnik and gets up off his knees. “What do you mean?”

Dobrovnik and Esplin sit together on the bench that separates their beds. Dobrovnik can smell the boy’s fresh, clean scent. He must have just showered. Dobrovnik’s balls are already heavy with cum at the thought of the boy running his hands across his body.

The conversation was long. Once Dobrovnik shared what he knew about the secret brotherhood and the sacred higher priesthood, the conversation focused on the sex involved. As they spoke, Dobrovnik got closer to Esplin’s beautiful lips.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Dobrovnik says.

The Russian missionary boy begins to rub the blond missionary boy’s thigh. Esplin looks unsure, scared even, but Dobrovnik can see his shaft lengthening through the sacred underwear.

“Won’t we get in trouble for this?” Esplin asks.

Dobrovnik gets so close to Esplin’s mouth that he can see the peach fuzz on his smooth, boyish cheeks. They breath heavily in the silence.

“This is what they want us to do.” Dobrovnik whispers, and pulls the boy in for a kiss.
Published : 11/13/16

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