Elder Dobrovnik is thrilled that he is being given the chance to join The Order. The young missionary boy knows he will have to work hard to earn a place among the powerful men, but he relishes the opportunity to serve.

After being in the church for just one year, he was called on his mission. A year after that, the industrious boy was called as one of the mission president’s Assistants to the President.

Because of his obedient nature, he was also singled out by The Brethren. When he received his calling to join The Order, Elder Dobrovnik was warned, however, that he must never tell anyone about his secret experiences inside the Temple.

And before he is ordained, he must surrender himself completely to anything he is asked to do.

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The square-jawed nineteen year old arrived at President Oak’s office not knowing what to expect. At the outset, he was cautioned to be completely obedient. For that reason alone he didn’t hesitate when Oaks commanded him to stand, undress and get on top of his desk.

At first, Elder Dobrovnik was nervous. He had been nude around other boys a lot growing up. There are fewer concerns about modesty among boys and men in Russia.

Nevertheless, boys had never interested him sexually. And at that moment he was fixated on the idea that what he was doing would be frowned on by other ecclesiastical leaders.

But, as President Oaks ran his large hands up and down the boy’s body, inspecting his muscular ass, pulling apart his legs and cupping his balls, he felt something new.

Something about being powerless, something surrendering himself, his entire body was tingling with desire.

When President Oaks made the boy bend over his desk, the boy knew what was going to happen. But he wasn’t afraid even though this would be the first time anyone had entered him.

As Oaks slid his hard, thick cock inside him, Dobrovnik felt something push on a part of him that caused intense pleasure. It was unlike any pleasure he had ever experienced. He loved it.

And his pleasure was accompanied by a powerful erotic feeling derived from being completely submissive to a higher authority. This so changed the boy, that the vigorous pounding Oaks gave him brought to new heights of pleasure.

The young man clenched his hole around the President’s pulsing member, wanting to do anything with his body to bring this man to orgasm.

Soon enough, the sexy older man came in the boy’s ass, grunting and thrusting like an animal. President Oaks grabbed Elder Dobrovnik’s thick neck and pulled him in for a kiss. The boy returned the man’s kisses. Another first.

A few days later, Elder Dobrovnik is ordered to the Temple once again. He assumes he will be meeting with President Oaks, but he is instead led, by a temple worker, through dark hallways to a room that is unadorned and poorly lit.

Inside the room, seated in a red velvet chair, is President Ballard, his mission president.

Without preamble, his president begins to ask Dobrovnik very personal questions. Has he ever fantasized about sex with a man? Has he ever watched homosexual pornography? Dobrovnik tells him no each time. But after all the questions, Dobrovnik is asked if he has sex with any girls before his mission.

Staring at the ground, Elder Dobrovnik blushes hard. He is a convert, and the boy had quite a bit of sex before he was baptised. And he was told that because he repented and was baptised, the sin was washed clean.

He was told it was as if this never happened. And at this moment, Elder Dobrovnik doesn’t want to confess again, but he remembers what Oaks had said about total submission.

“Yes,” Dobrovnik whispers.

President Ballard calmly nods. “Strip,” he orders.

Elder Dobrovnik slowly sheds his clothes and stands before the man. He fixes his eyes on the wall. President Ballard approaches the boy and rubs his thick hands up and down his muscular frame.

“If you wish to learn the secrets of this Temple, you must be made pure. And purity,” He wraps his fingers around Dobrovnik’s stiffening member, “requires punishment.”

The boy’s heart beats in his throat as President Ballard gruffly orders the boy to lay across his lap. He does as he’s told, and in so doing feels vulnerable. Dobrovnik is naked and unable to see what will happen next.

In this moment, however, Dobrovnik wants more than anything to please this man. The physical contact between the two as he lays across the man’s lap causes his cock to quickly reach full mast.

He feels a sting against his ass as the man spanks him. And then again, this time a little more painful. He turns back just long enough to see his mission president swinging a wooden paddle.

The repeated spanking cause Elder Dobrovnik to shift, and he starts to sense that the spanking is causing him to become even more erect than before. But as he moves his body rubs against President Ballard’s crotch. And he can feel the man’s hardness pressing against him through the fabric.

The boy is not sure why his body his responding this way, but the sensation is incredible. Feeling the hardness of the man below him, he spreads his legs a little wider.

…Aching for more he pushes his ass in the air anticipating the next blow.
Published : 10/23/16


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