The Calling

As tall and lean Elder Dial sits in Bishop Angus’s office, he is nervous. He feels sweat run down his forehead and collect athis shirt collar. He has heard rumors of an organization that pulls the strings at the mission, but it has never been directly addressed in his presence. Somehow, he feels it in his bones that the organization will be brought up in today’s ceremony. Maybe it is something in the way Bishop Angus is looking at him, or maybe it is something that one of the other boys said. But either way, Dial is sure that his world is about to be expanded, and he is not sure whether he will be able to handle it.

Finally, as though he can read young Dial’s mind, Bishop Angus addresses the elephant in the room. He tells the missionary that he has been selected as a candidate for The Order. He does not expect the young man to know what he is talking about, but he does expect total obedience as he directs him through The Calling ceremony. Anything but total submission would be taken as insubordination, and no amount of disobedience is acceptable for a potential servant of The Order.
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Dial must learn this early, as it will serve him well on his path towards the higher ranks of the priesthood.

Angus makes his way over to the boy, putting his hands on his supple body as Dial quivers in anticipation. Slowly, the boy’s clothes come off, and Angus puts his mouth on Dial’s trembling lips. The priest is excited to see what kind of package Dial has to offer, and as the boy pulls down his pants, Angus is not disappointed. It is one of the biggest cocks he has seen on a missionary to date. Physically, the boy is perfect. It is only his mind state that must be molded for him to become a satisfactory servant to the men of The Order. As he guides the boy down to his knees, he aims to show him exactly how he must behave to be accepted by the priests.

Dial sucks Angus’s thick cock, swirling his tongue around the head of his dick eagerly. He wants so badly to show that he has what it takes to please the man, but Angus must have restraint in his feedback. He can’t let the boy’s head get too big so early on in his journey, though he is happy with the boy’s oral performance. He has the boy climb up on his desk before sticking his veiny cock deep inside his hole for a rough pounding. He slams Dial’s butt, daring him to cum, and then shoots a sticky load inside his sweet hole. Dial cannot believe how intense Angus’s passion is, and as his mind races, he is sure that he has found his purpose in life. Angus too is surprised at the intensity Dial was able to conjure out of him. Maybe this boy has just the kind of spark The Order could use.
Published : 06/14/19


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