The Calling

As he gets more accustomed to the rituals of the priesthood, Elder Dalton is starting to feel a bit more comfortablein his own skin. He almost has a tinge of confidence, as the men of The Order have seemed to delight in his flesh and other physical offerings. But as Bishop Hart looks the boy over, suddenly he feels his confidence start to wane. Hart is known as a man of high standards, and Dalton begins to worry that he will not live up to those standards. There is a chance that he has just been lucky so far. That he hasn’t truly earned his place.

Bishop Hart senses this fear and feeds off it. He enjoys watching boys squirm, especially young Dalton. Somehow, the squeamish boy reminds him of himself. Once a soft, unsure missionary, trying desperately to find some purpose in the chaos of everyday life – Hart is almost unrecognizable now. A man of power, a man of strength, he never feels doubt – not like he used to when he was a young man. He hopes that guiding Dalton through the steps towards The Order will make a man out of him, just as it once made a man out of Hart.
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He beckons the boy to him, making him get down on the ground to pleasure his swollen cock. Dalton uses his mouth well, just as Hart expects. The boy has shown remarkable progress since the start of his mission. But now he must give up more than just his mouth. Hart bends him over his desk and inserts his fat cock into the boy’s butt raw. He barebacks him rigorously, making Dalton claw at the desk in pleasure. As he works inside the boy’s hole, he can feel the change happening within the young man. Dalton is becoming the servant that Hart has always known he could be.
Published : 02/21/18

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