The Jealousy Cure

Elder Jones watched as his two companions locked lips with each other, tasting each other for the first time. It seemedimpossible for such an event to happen before his meetings with President Lewis, but now, he sat back and enjoyed the show…

Elder Hansen and he had been companions before he came to live with Elder Clarke. It was always strange to him how they were partnered up, but he and Hansen knew they liked each other right from the beginning. They’d never gone beyond lying in bed together and talking late into the night, something that was forbidden even in the most innocent of settings.

But he knew it was more than just two teenage boys becoming friends. He had feelings. Strong feelings. Feelings he was too scared to even name, let alone act upon. And just as soon as he felt like Hansen was meeting him there in that unspoken place, they were separated.
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Elder Clarke has been a good replacement. Especially since Clarke wasted no time in trying to out-do what Elder Hansen could not. Clarke was quick to pull off his companion’s pants and take his raw cock up his tight hole. Perhaps it was missing Hansen or perhaps it was the feeling of cumming deep inside someone (or a little of both), but Jones felt a strong love for his new companion almost immediately.

Everything seemed to be going well and only got better once the news came that Elder Hansen would have to come stay with them for a little while. Hansen’s companion was sick and the church did not want to put Hansen in a position to get sick as well. The idea of seeing Hansen again filled Jones’ heart… as well as his loins.

In theory, having both sexy boys around him seemed like a dream come true. Instead, Elder Clarke seemed short and distant with he and Elder Hansen. The blonde boy was not in his usual, cheerful, seductive manner. As soon as Hansen passed their threshold and gave Jones a hug, tension set in to their tiny apartment.

While Elder Hansen and Elder Jones chatted and caught up, Elder Clarke decided to take a shower. He wanted some time away from the newly connected lovers, sensing he was the third wheel of a connection that pre-dated him.

Elder Jones could see the upset in the boy’s face and knew he needed to fix it. Seeing both boys, however, only reminded him of his fantasy. The two boys had the most kissable mouths and he had always imagined what it would be like to plant a peck on Hansen. Instead, he decided for the good of the trio, the two of them should see just how special each other were. He didn’t want to give up either of them and he didn’t want them to be jealous of each other.

With a special, newfound boldness–as well as a raging hardon that he couldn’t ignore, he coaxed the two companions into undressing and kissing. And now, with his guidance and direction, he was curious to see how much he could get them to get along…

Published : 10/05/18


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