The Interview

Elder Clarke took off his tie with some confusion, but mostly curiosity. He had no idea how getting undressed would be helpful,but President Lewis insisted that he trust him.

Clarke hadn’t really wanted to talk about his sexuality or his thoughts and fantasies. He’d even thought it was inappropriate for President Lewis and not his mission president to be asking him such personal questions.

But something about the look in Lewis’ eyes intrigued him. It seemed less like he was asking questions than telling him something. Like a secret. A special secret that couldn’t be asked out loud.

Elder Clarke wanted to see this through. He’d offered up a few simple admissions, nothing that would condemn him, about his arousals and the looks he’s made toward his companions. President Lewis seemed to actually be understanding–even possibly excited.
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Clarke stripped down to his garments, feeling himself become more curious as the moments passed. He sat in the chair, watching Lewis watch him back.

“Put your arms behind your back,” the handsome president ordered. The nervous missionary did as he was told, all the while feeling a fresh pulse of blood flow toward his genitals. It was a quiet, private, inquisitive moment… and yet, he felt himself becoming aroused.

President Lewis went behind him, picking up a white rope from behind and tying his hands to each other. Clarke watched him, a little nervous by his restraints, but comforted by the older man’s careful handling of his wrists.

“Is that too tight?” Lewis asked, with the compassion and warmth of someone asking if bath water was the right temperature. Paternal, nurturing, but with the unmistakable tone of someone who in charge.

“N-no,” Clarke responded, feeling his garment shorts rising up even further. Something about this made him even more excited than he’d ever imagined. He’d only ever fooled around with boys his own age, but never a fully grown man. Something about this made him feel like it was his first time… a new side of his sexual desires…

President Lewis sat in his chair opposite the restrained boy, his arms resting on his knees. He stared at him for a little bit, watching his face and eyes for signs of a response. He looked down and see the bulge in the boy’s groin, and moved his left hand forward to touch it.

With the outside of his finger, he ran it along the cylindrical protrusion popping up from his body, running along its length.

“Does touching you arouse you?”

“Yes,” the boy replied, surprised with the obviousness of the question, but also his readiness to affirm him.

Lewis continued to touch him, unmoved by the hint of frustration in the boy’s tone. His questioned seemed more rhetorical as his hands moved over his body. As if the question wasn’t to find out the truth, but more to get the boy thinking of being aroused.

Clarke’s cock got even harder. His hands began to fidget instinctively, as if wanting to come forward and stroke himself. In that moment, however, all he felt was frustration and resignation. It was a strange feeling. Especially with a priest leader sitting inches from his unsatisfied erection…

Published : 09/28/18


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