The Calling

Elder Jones and Elder Clarke have been learning about The Order under the watchful eye of President Lewis. While he isgentle and encouraging with his young charges, he is also testing these boys to see if either of them will crack under his intense sexual pressure.

Elder Clarke is a little nervous about what President Lewis will ask of him. In their last encounter, the older man had asked him very personal questions, then ordered the boy to masturbate for him, and even got his own erection out and stroked with the boy. What is going to happen to him now?

Elder Clarke is irresistible to President Lewis. The boy is just his taste: handsome, petite and very young.

He doesn’t have to wait long. President Lewis can hardly contain his excitement to strip the boy and breed him, but he doesn’t allow the emotion to enter his voice. He is firm, calm, unemotional. And the boy submits to his authority completely — happily, even.
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He strips naked and allows the older man to feel every inch of his lean body. And wherever the man touches him, he tingles with an electric shock.

When President Lewis finally penetrates the boy’s tight hole, the boy gasps — it’s clear this isn’t his first time to feel a cock inside of him, but it must be the first time he’s taken a man’s dick. He gives the boy’s hole a moment to adjust to his fat tool, then begins pounding his fragile frame. The tighter the boy tenses around his cock, the harder and more violently President Lewis hammers him.

Elder Clarke brings out the animal in President Lewis. He is trying so hard to be brave and to take it like a man. It’s adorable. The priesthood leader is quiet and intent, refusing to give the boy any signal of how much he enjoys his wet hole. But he knows the boy is in ecstasy.

Elder Clarke doesn’t wince or ask to go slower, which only makes President Lewis push him harder. He makes love to the missionary so violently that it can be heard throughout the temple.

As is his prerogative, the president decides to mark the boy as his own by cumming on his beautiful face. And he cums explosively, grabbing the boy’s throat and choking him without even realizing what he’s doing.

Elder Clarke leaves the office with his face dripping and the satisfaction of knowing that he managed not to scream out while his hole got exercised by a grown man for the very first time.
Published : 10/19/18


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