Second Anointing

Nothing scares Elder Clarke. He’s always been a rule-breaker. Even when he was a little boy, he was always pushing the limitswith his parents — and in high school everyone knew him as a troublemaker. He was always skipping class and even talking other boys into showering him their cocks or masturbating with him.

When his parents talked him into going on a mission, he agreed in part because he knew he’d have access to the finest 18 and 19 year old boys the church had to offer him. He’d always had erotic fantasies about the missionaries — and now he got to be one of them!

Nothing scares him, but the first time one of his church leaders crossed the line with him, he has to admit he was a little intimidated. When President Lewis asked him to remove his clothes and started asking inappropriate questions, Clarke was both nervous and excited. He’d never had this kind of attention from a grown man before. He almost didn’t know what to do with it.
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But the little flirt’s instincts kicked right in, and he made the man very happy. As happy as he has secretly been making his companions.

But Bishop Doves is a different story. The man is distant, taciturn, extremely masculine. It’s hard for Elder Clarke to get a read on him. And when Elder Clarke smiles or flirts with the man, he gets nothing in response.

Bishop Doves scares the boy — just a little. He kind of reminds the boy of his own daddy.

So when he gets called to the temple for a Second Anointing with the bishop, he’s confused and worried. Will he have to let the older man touch him? Will the man want to? Will he be able to please him, or will the bishop be disappointed with him? Does the bishop like him at all?

Elder Clarke is relieved when he sees that Elder Jones is waiting outside the ordinance room — will he be anointed too? Or is he going to help Bishop Doves?

The two boys hug and quickly fall to chatting. Months of riding Elder Jones’ thick dick have made the two very intimate friends. It’s hard for Elder Clarke to contain himself — he keeps having inappropriate thoughts of pulling the other boy’s cock out of his pants and sitting on it, right here in the temple. He blushes — he shouldn’t be having dirty thoughts in this sacred place.

The boys fall silent when Bishop Doves arrives. He barks at them to follow him, and the deep thrum of his voice makes the hair on the boy’s neck stand up. Elder Clarke is worried he’s going to get a boner.

They follow the man into the room, where both boys will learn a lot today…
Published : 11/02/18

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