New Companions

Elder Clarke looked over at Elder Jones. The brown haired boy stretched out his lean body on his twin bed, flipping throughthe pages of his book, dutifully and diligently taking in his reading.

Clarke studied his face secretly, admiring his handsome features and preppy, school-boy appearance. Clarke hadn’t really spent much time with him yet, but wanted desperately for his new roommate to like him. The two boys had only become companions the day before and had not yet developed any kind of rapport or connection.

Elder Jones had moved around from companion to companion, always having been reassigned for some kind of bad behavior or disagreement. He couldn’t help it. He had a hunger for cock that was truly insatiable, and it often led him to make rash, bad decisions. He wanted his companions to like him, hoping he could somehow maneuver his way into their beds and their pants.
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As he looked down Jones’ body, he saw the large, solid mound that made up the crotch his garments. It rose a couple inches up from his groin, an impressive collection of meat and material, even while looking at the words of his scriptures. Clarke’s mind wandered off into what it would look like fully erect, and made his first bad decision…

“How’s your reading going?”

“It’s fine,” Jones responded, short and uninterested. He’d not really taken yet to Elder Clarke’s new presence in his life.

“…What’s wrong?” Clark asked, surprised by his tone.

Jones put his book down, took a breath, and explained that he was just missing his old companion. The two had gotten very close and now he felt like a stranger in the apartment that they’d shared. Elder Clarke seemed fine enough, but he knew he had a bit of reputation for being a troublemaker. As someone who kept himself completely in order, he wasn’t thrilled to be partnered with someone who was so lax with the rules.

“You’re great, it’s just… we really bonded.”

“How so? How can we be close?” Clark inquired, his eyes fixated on his companion crotch. The way Jones’ legs moved around made the mound shift left to right, giving him more of a sense of its shape and weight… leading to Clarke making his second bad decision.

“I don’t know…” As Jones responded to this flirty question, Clarke got out of his bed and scooted over toward his companion’s. Elder Jones was surprised by his forwardness, but he was more intrigued than put off.

Elder Clark got in bed next to Elder Jones, pressing himself thigh to thigh. Looking down at the boy’s crotch, he saw it move slightly. A small flinch indicating a response to his proximity. Was it arousal? Or was it just a flinch? He wasn’t sure. But one thing was clear: Jones wasn’t stopping him.

“So what did your old companion do that I don’t? What makes him so good?”

Elder Jones laughed, his face blushing. Clark’s voice was playful, but not innocent. Elder Jones could tell he was hinting toward something, but he knew the consequences of guessing wrong. He looked at Clarke’s face, his pouty lips, his focused eyes. Clarke was definitely cute, and Jones hadn’t cum since his meeting with President Lewis. He thought what it would be like to kiss him, and immediately let the thought pass out ofh is mind. That was impossible and he shouldn’t even humor the idea.

Seeing Jones’ awkward impotence made Clarke even more interested. He loved seeing his companion all flustered and stirred up. That’s when he knew he was barking up the right tree. He felt emboldened to make a move, something definite to let him know he would do anything to get his companion to like him. This led him to his third bad decision.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he placed a hand on Jones’ crotch. The white mound that he thought was soft and cloth was firm in his grip. Elder Jones was hard, and he’d made him hard. He looked at Jones’ face, and saw a smile crack on his face….
Published : 09/14/18


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