Living Sacrifice Pt. II

The Living Sacrifice is one of the holiest entities in the entire Mission. He is a boy who has been so far removed from thematerial world that he knows nothing more than the corporal pleasures of salvation. The masked boy’s body has been consecrated to the physical needs of The Order, and is kept hidden deep within the temple to protect his purity from outsiders. However, when rumors of the masked boy disseminate amongst the boys of The Mission, curiosity gets the better of them.

Elder Clark and Elder Jones are some of the more adventurous young men in The Mission, so they go sneaking around the temple, looking for the mythological Living Sacrifice. As they make their way through the halls, they stay as quiet and vigilant as possible, avoiding the watchful eyes of The Order. If they are caught, they expect immediate consequences and dismissal from The Mission. But the allure of the Living Sacrifice is too great for them to keep away.
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When they finally stumble into the chamber where the boy is said to be held, they immediately spot the infamous red mask and toned, sex-crazed body of the Living Sacrifice for the first time, leaving them breathless in admiration. They creep over to the boy, standing on either side of him, and watch as he does his holy work, touching himself while waiting for the embrace of a soul in need of salvation.

As they look upon the masked boy’s body, intense desire stirs within them, reaching a rabid fever pitch of the likes they have never felt before. They take to pleasuring the Living Sacrifice with all the sexual energy they can muster — Elder Clark kissing the boy passionately, and Elder Jones running his tongue up and down his testicles. The Living Sacrifice comes alive at the touch of the young men, without any hesitation or thought as to who has come to him for a cleansing.

Elder Clark climbs onto the altar with the masked boy and sixty-nines with him as Elder Jones looks on, stroking his dick. Elder Jones unsheathed his cock and Elder Clark slides it into his mouth as the Living Sacrifice continues to suck. As the temptation grows, Elder Jones becomes obsessed with the idea of entering the holiest of holies. Elder Clark expresses doubt, fearing that it may be a horrible transgression to enter the masked boy in this manner. But Elder Jones cannot contain himself; there’s no going back. He slides his cock inside the Living Sacrifice and immediately feels an intense nirvana that he has never experienced in his life. In this moment, he feels closer to The Lord than he has since the instant of his very conception.

Witnessing the look of bliss on Elder Jones’s face, Elder Clark decides that he must partake in the heavenly pleasures of the Living Sacrifice as well. He watches in amazement as the masked boy rides his dick until all three young men enter a state of pure bliss and squirt their divine loads all over one another.

As the boys sneak out of the secret chamber, they fear the repercussions of their actions. But looking at each other, they tacitly agree, a peek at the infinite was well worth it.
Published : 01/18/19


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