Disciplinary Action

Misbehavior in the mission is not taken lightly by the priesthood leaders. When it is discovered that Elder Clarke and ElderJones somehow found the Living Sacrifice, and used his hole without permission, The Order is not happy about it.

President Lewis and Bishop Doves escort the two blindfolded boys to a private chamber in the temple, where no one can hear them if they whimper or scream out. Humiliation and corporal punishment are often the best ways to ensure that the young missionaries fall in line, and President Lewis and Bishop Dove are no strangers to administering discipline to young men. They know just how to make the boys physically feel the weight of their transgressions.

Blindfolded, stripped to his underwear, and terrified, Elder Jones is quick to thrust the blame on Elder Clarke, but their leaders know better than to believe that either boy was the sole culprit.
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They know for themselves how irresistible the Living Sacrifice’s body is. The first step to repentance for these disobedient boys will be the full submission of their bodies to the older men’s will. And there is an added twist to the boys’ punishment. The two men know the boys have feelings for one another, and that making them listen to each other being punished will be an added torture for the young men.

President Lewis bends Elder Clarke over his knees, pulls down his sacred underwear, and spanks the blindfolded boy’s ass until it is red and sore. Elder Jones looks on in horror as his accomplice is punished, knowing that his own retribution is forthcoming.

He feels every smack on Elder Clarke’s tiny butt, feeling a mix of sympathy for the boy and also arousal. Every time the hand hits the other boy’s ass, he remembers how good it feels to be balls-deep in the boy’s tight pink hole.

Bishop Doves bends Elder Jones over his knee, opens the flap on the back of his garments, and administers a spanking to him while his buddy gets spanked inches from his face. The whimpers the two boys make turn the older men on, and as their cocks stiffen in their black slacks, they decide to add some penetration to the punishment.

President Lewis retrieves a clear crystal rod to penetrate Elder Clarke’s tight asshole, shoving it deeper and deeper as the boy moans in a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. Elder Jones is filled with anxiety, but he cannot help feel his cock twitch as he watches his accomplice’s hole sodomized with the glass instrument. He even starts to look forward to his own punishment.

Jones shudders as Bishop Doves prepares to penetrate his asshole with the crystal rod. But much to his surprise, the cold, hard rod feels good in his quivering asshole. It even makes his cock get hard, and as he lies across the Bishop’s muscular leg, he begins to realize that his own lustful heart is filled with dark desires that have yet to be explored.

The punishment is very confusing for both boys. What does it mean that to some degree they enjoy this humiliating carnal punishment? What does it mean that they lust for the feeling of their assholes expanding as the crystal rod plunges deeper into his gut?

These questions only become urgent as Jones watches in horny amazement while President Lewis shoves his rock hard cock down Elder Clarke’s throat, and the man gets ready to deliver his seed to the pretty missionary gagging on his tool.
Published : 02/08/19


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