Elder Campbell had spent several days thinking of Bishop Hart, fixated on his incredible good looks and powerful presence.

He was becoming more and more distracted, unable to think of anything but the way he’d sexually interrogated him.

It became a vicious cycle of fantasy and repentance, feeling his instincts to stay pure and righteous losing out to his deeper desires. He wanted Bishop Hart to touch him again. To taste him again. And he wanted to taste him back.

He wondered if the test he’d been given was one he could fail, and if the days of not hearing anything or seeing anything gave him the sign that he had. He knew deep down it was wrong what had happened, but he also knew that he wanted to continue and see where this rabbit hole would lead him.

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About a week or so after his worthiness interview, Bishop Hart pulled him aside after a church service, telling him cryptically and coldly to meet him in his office. Elder Campbell was stunned. He didn’t know if this was good thing or a bad thing, but he knew he had no choice but to do as the handsome man told him.

Campbell made his way into the office a little while after, having to talk himself down from the panic attack he was feeling coming on. He wanted to see him, but he also knew there was a good chance he was going to get in trouble. After all, he didn’t stop him before. If anything, he might have even asked for it.

Bishop Hart watched the red-faced ginger boy step into his office, practically holding his breath as he sat down in the chair before him. Hart liked seeing this otherwise tall, strapping, handsome young man intimidated by him. It was enough for his mouth to betray his cool demeanor by letting out a slight smirk.

“Elder Campbell, do you know why you’re here?”

“Yes,” the boy replied, answering affirmative to further follow the white rabbit of this experience, unsure of what would come next. All he knew is that he didn’t want it to stop.

“Stand up and disrobe.”

Campbell jumped to his feet, quickly removing his clothes as if he was being timed. Bishop Hart’s eyebrow raised in amusement. This boy barely needed to be trained, just told. He was naturally inclined to submit and be an obedient boy. His piety was merely a reflection of this desire to serve a higher power… and for this moment, that power was Bishop Hart.

Once he was stripped down to his garments, Bishop Hart told him to stand next to him by his desk. The boy walked forward, still subconsciously trying to hide his nakedness as he moved forward.

Bishop Hart ran his hand over the boy’s body, running his fingers over him from his clavicle to his pelvis, letting his fingers wrap to the shape of each part of his torso. He had full access to him and Elder Campbell could barely breathe, let alone reject.

“Take off your shirt,” Hart said, still presenting the same steel face he had before in the worthiness interview. It was hard for Elder Campbell to know what he was thinking or what he wanted. Anticipating him seemed nearly impossible. He was going to have to take each second in stride and be prepared to do as he says as soon as he says is.

Lifting his shirt, Bishop Hart’s eyes dotted around to his fair skinned freckles. His hands went immediately to his light pink nipples, seeing them stand hard and erect. When he pinched them and pulled them, Campbell could not resist letting out a moan. It wasn’t pleasure, exactly, but it wasn’t pain. They then reddened and swelled, giving Hart more to run his fingers along.

Then, without any warning, Bishop Hart pulled down the boy’s undergarments, bringing them past his hips to fall to the floor. As a result, the boy’s massive erection emerged, bouncing with substantial weight and length as it was given a sense of its own gravity. It hung in the air for a moment before the older man took it in his hands and placed it in his mouth.

Once again, Elder Campbell’s body flushed red. He was embarrassed to have his erect penis exposed, as he’d been taught all his life to feel, but he couldn’t get over how good it felt to feel the head of his thick, pink cock get licked over and over by Bishop Hart’s tongue.

It was a brief experience, however, as Bishop Hart was only looking for a taste.

“Get up on the desk,” he said, standing up from his chair and meeting the boy’s eye.

Elder Campbell did as he was told, getting up on the desk, positioned on all fours. His hands began to sweat against the cold surface, and he felt aware that he was being put on a kind of display. With his body naked, ass up, and his face forward, he was like a show dog being inspected.

And Bishop Hart treated him as such. He walked around him, looking at his body, seeing how his young muscles fill out his shape, how his genitals hang between his legs, and how his creamy skin pinks up when touched.

When he moved to the back, his hands planted firmly on his buttocks, pressing them apart slightly to expose more of the boy’s smooth hole. Elder Campbell held his breath in anticipation, not knowing what would come from the older man’s touch.

Bishop Hart took one finger and placed it on the boy’s hole, feeling it mold around him and take him. With a careful push, he got about half of the digit inside, forcing Campbell to release his breath and let out an audible gasp at the unexpected penetration.

Hart kept it inside him, letting the boy feel his invading hand. His heart rate increase, something the bishop was able to feel around his finger as it clung inside the boy’s sphincter.

It was humiliating for Elder Campbell. No just be to subjected to the undressing and the groping, but to be positioned like an object and poked like he was nothing more than a toy. The very thought of it made a part of him feel ashamed and used. It also caused a drop of precum to fall from his heavy, throbbing cock…

Published : 11/12/17


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