President Lee was highly impressed with Elder Campbell’s performance on the priesthood stretcher. The boy didn’t go as far as he’d hoped, but he could see the commitment in his eyes.

Sometimes the boys that come through the Order are just being blindly obedient, simply doing as their leaders tell them, even when they’re asked to challenge themselves sexually. In those moments, the call to submission may not truly be within them. But by their ordination, they’ve experienced that important shift. But it can take time to be properly trained and guided.

And then there are boys like Elder Campbell. Natural submissives who are desperate in their core to seek the approval of their superiors. President Lee could almost smell it in the pheromones of the boy’s sweat as he struggled to take each peg. It wasn’t for himself that he was trying so hard: it truly was for President Lee.

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Something about his sweet, soft face and submissive heart made it hard for President Lee to think of anything else. He knew how special this missionary was.

The Brethren agreed with Lee and decided that Campbell should be given the Second Anointing. This sacred ceremony sealed the boys to their leader for all eternity, making him spiritually bound to the men of the Order.

Elder Campbell had only heard the name before, but never really knew its significance. He was willing to do whatever he was told, especially knowing that President Lee would be overseeing him again.

The boy felt a connection to him that was deep and strong. His heart fluttered whenever he saw him and he hoped day after day to be back under his control.

When that time came, the two could hardly take their hands off each other.

So much of the Order is driven by ceremony and ritual, but the physical and emotional connection between the men and the boys is often hard to reign in. President Lee, seeing that open and giving look in Campbell’s eyes, immediately pressed up against his body, holding him tightly behind his head, bringing him in for a deep, passionate kiss.

It nearly took Campbell’s breath away when their lips pressed. His experiences with Bishop Hart were so formal, direct, almost impersonal. He felt truly like his property. But with President Lee, he was struck by how gentle and affectionate he was. Despite his mass of muscle, his hands touched him like he was precious.

President Lee barely had to speak to him for Campbell to know what he wanted. With a look, Elder Campbell quickly removed his clothing, stripping down to his union-suit style garments. Standing before him in his one-piece, President Lee had to stop and admire his beautiful, boyish body.

His hands moved up and down his torso, rubbing the boy’s attentive nipples, moving down his stomach and past his swelling genitals. He then trailed his fingers to his backside, traveling from the small of his back down the curve of his buttocks, feeling how his soft, pillowy cheeks raised out and settled back in by his hole.

His fingers passionately grabbed at them, feeling the open seam of his backside break open with the slightest grasp, opening a path for him to touch the boy’s skin. Unable to hold back his desires, his hands crept inside, feeling his perfect butt as his fingers teased their way down his crack.

Heaven. This was absolute heaven.

President Lee would have been happy to just feel the boy’s butt once more, but he had much further to explore in order to complete the Second Anointing.

The older man took the boy by the hand and led him toward a white covered table. It stood about waist height and was padded comfortably. He guided the boy to sit on it, allowing his legs to hang off the edge.

Elder Campbell’s mouth watered, ready to be of service to the muscle man before him. Instead, President Lee lifted up the boy’s right foot, bringing his leg into the air. Lee then began to gently and sensually rub the sole, melting his body in waves of relaxation that moved from bottom to top.

Lee’s hands worked him upward, traveling to his ankles, calves, and thighs, compressing and massaging every muscle in the young boy’s legs.

Elder Campbell couldn’t believe how good it felt, and how strange it was to be given such attention and appreciation! He’d never been so pampered and cared for in his life, and he couldn’t be happier to have President Lee touching him everywhere.

President Lee then began to kiss his body, moving from his feet up toward his penis. It was so loving that with each kiss, Elder Campbell couldn’t help flush red in the face. His cock, as well, began to swell and redden.

President Lee smiled. He could see that he was having the effect on the boy that he’d hoped.

The older man positioned the boy on all fours. Elder Campbell’s head was dizzy with relaxed pleasure and he was happy to be able to brace himself better. But no sooner than he popped his butt into the air, President Lee was quick to take advantage of the unobstructed view.

With the boy’s legs spread, the union suit opening widened, exposing the boy’s smooth, pink hole. It was one of the most beautiful things President Lee had ever seen.

He couldn’t help but place his hand on one cheek, running his thumb up and down the bare hole. He meditated on it for a second, thinking about how good it felt wrapped around his cock before, and how lucky he was to be able to experience it again.

He moved to Elder Campbell’s front side, seeing the wide eyed boy looking up at him. There on his face was an expression that perfectly blended excitement, wonder, awe, and arousal. Taking the boy’s chin in his hand, he lifted his face up to his and kissed him.

“Such a beautiful boy…”

Published : 12/24/17


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