The Precious Gift

While his mischievous exploits during his mission have not gone unnoticed by the men of The Order, Elder Call has donea good  job of maintaining his family name. His father, President Lewis, has watched with pride as his boy passionately serves his leaders and his fellow missionaries. And the more President Lewis hears about his stepson’s success in his private meetings with the other members of The Order, he can’t help but feel an immense sense of accomplishment. He has raised a boy who knows how to bring others joy, and that is all a man of The Order can really ask for.

But today, he must put his satisfaction aside as he is summoned by The Order to guide his son through the Precious Gift ceremony. It’s important not to let the boy detect just how much he has pleased his leaders, lest the boy is spoiled. In this ritual, the missionary will be presented to another high-ranking member of The Order as a carnal gift. Whatever the receiving priest wishes to do with the young boy’s body, he is free to do.
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The boy has no will, no desire except what his leader desires. So as President Lewis walks his boy towards the center of the dark room, he is filled with an overwhelming sense of pride but also anxiety. He hopes that his boy can handle what is coming.

Bishop Angus is the man who has been chosen to receive Call, and he is happy to be of service. Lewis is one of his close friends, a man whom he has always admired and lusted after. To be chosen to penetrate his dear friend’s progeny is a great honor. He looks forward to the taste of Call’s asshole, as it is sure to be sweet and tight as his father’s.

As the boy has a blindfold wrapped over his eyes, Angus inspects his body more closely. He immediately sees the resemblance to Lewis, especially in the size of his thick cock. Angus puts his hands on the boy, turning him around and bending him over. Call instinctually perks his ass in the air as he waits for Angus’s next move. He knows his father is watching every moment, so he feels safe, but he hopes that he will be able to serve Angus properly and make Lewis proud. In some ways, having his father witness the ritual adds to his nerves. But they are soothed as Angus runs his hungry tongue around his pulsing rim. His eyes roll back as Angus heats up his butthole in preparation for the next stage of the ritual.

Fishing out his stiff erection, Angus slowly penetrates the missionary’s quivering boy hole. He slides in steadily and begins to stroke, filling Call up with his throbbing rod. As he thrusts, Angus can tell that Lewis is happy to see his boy holding up so well, especially while being impaled by such a girthy penis. The more Lewis sees, the more entranced he becomes until finally, he kisses Angus passionately. This is a high point for Angus, as he has always dreamed of what it would be like to fuck Lewis’s boy in front of him. And as he splashes cum, he knows he has done right by the proud father.
Published : 04/05/19


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